Serendipity Lace Shawl/ Bead Kits

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Colorway #308
Colorway #308
Colorway #307
Colorway #307
This and the remaining photos show Hayley's original pieces.
This and the remaining photos show Hayley's original pieces.

This design is catch-your-breath gorgeous!

By  Hayley Tsang Sather, this Serendipity Lace Shawl is a wonderful symphony of lace and beads. 

Get your pattern directly from Hayley on her Ravlery page here. This kit is intended to give you beautiful yarn and beads to knit it with.

The Design

Here is what Hayley writes: 

Serendipity is a circular crescent-shape shawl with ends that curve back in to form a full circle (a circle with part of the circle taken out).

Depending on the choice of color and yarn weight, Serendipity can be elegant and sophisticated, flirty and sassy, or ethereal and faery like. The shawls by our test knitters – Alyssa, Diana, Fiona, Karen, Ma, Nadja, Tish, Trang, and Trudy – on the Gallery pages truly showcase the versatility of this pattern.

It is worked from the top down with increases at the edges as well as throughout the body and uses approximately 600 yards / 540 meters of lace- or fingering-weight yarns. 

Please note:  Skill Level is rated at Medium. The pattern uses charts only. It does not include row-by-row written instruction. There is some pattering on some WS rows (YO, p2tog, p2tog tbl).

The Yarn and Colorway

We do not offer the same yarns that Hayley used in her original shawls. Her photos are being used with her permission (© HayleyTS) to show the design.  Our yarns are in the small inset photo on the top picture and again below that.

What we have for these kits is the scrumptous Katia yarn called Infinity Shawl.  This is 100% virgin wool with 656 yards (600m) per 150g ball (already wound for you; yay!).

These skeins are dyed in gradually changing colors to form a whole that is really lovely.  

We have two colorways you can choose between.  

1.  Color #308 is has a lovely antique look to it, a Victorian garden blending from a mauve gradually into a soft teal.  

2.  Color #307 is a twilight blend of hues, from a periwinkle into a green teal into a soft almost-rose. 

The shawl may be knitted with a lot or with fewer beads.  Hayley recommends that you knit some or all of the sections. 

If you knit them all, you will have a total of 514 beads and as this is fingering weight yarn, the best size is 6/0 or its equivalent (4x4 cubes will work, as would 5/0 triangles and 4mm megatamas). 

So each kit will include about 45g of beads, most likely the size 6/0 beads.  If you have a preference on bead color, let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 


So one ball of yarn + 45g of beads =  a most engaging knit to create one gorgeous shawl!