Sets! Fives for Mohairino Medley Perhaps? Bead Option

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Kit A
Kit A
Kit B
Kit B
Kit C
Kit C

Sets! is our new type of webpage where we offer yarns that work beautifully together. 

We also include an option of getting beads; in this case for fingering weight beads we suggest size 6/0s. 

And at a lovely discount of 5% to 10%


When Stephen West unveiled his new Mohairino Medley, my first thought was ,"Wow!"  And my second and third thoughts too.

Then I got to putting together in my mind colors and yarns and skeins that I thought would look awesome together in sets of five.  Not all of our sets include a mohair/silk blend skein but they were all selected to work beautifully together.

To quote Stephen:  The five colors mingle together to create a sumptuous symphony of stripes and chevrons. These signature Westknits motifs keep you entertained throughout the entire project.

And if you have another idea besides the Mohairino Medley, well heck -- go for it!

This page does not include a pattern for you to work from. That you will have to get from the designers' web pages, either Stephen West's Mohairino Medley here or whatever you decide. What we do have here are gorgeous yarns selected in groups of five.

These are not the same yarns as Stephen used in his original but rather sets of five that appealed to me, colorwise, that I thought would work beautifully here. 

The Sets

Here is what we've put together for you, describing each photo you see to the right on this page; 


Kit A is a speckled combo consisting of five skeins of Malabrigo's Mechita (100% merino superwash, 420 yards/ 100g) that could make a lovely fade one to the next.

Starting at the far left is Monte, mostly midnight blue with almost-hidden reds, blues, golds,  and green dots on a creamy background.

Next to it is Moon Trio New, a combo of blacks and navy, red and gold predominantly.

The middle skein is a glowing Desert, where the main colors are golds and orange with just a bit of black speckles as well. 

The fourth skein from the left (2nd from the right) is Carnival, with a lighter look again, with teals and rose, fuchsia, and violet, gold and magenta as the main speckles on a cream background. 

And the fifth skein (on the very righthand side) is Moon Trio Crescent, with the same overall colors as Moon Trio New but lighter, the cream background showing through more and a larger amount of the lighter colors (gold, rose, blue, periwinkle).

(Sorry, sold out)


Kit B is just a bit more expensive than Kit A.  It contains colors of ocean-meets-sky and mixes Mechita with some Tosh Merino Light (100% merino wool, 420 yards) and one skein of Manos del Uruguay's Alegria (75% wool/25% nylon, 445 yards).

Far left skein (darkest) is Tosh Merino Light in Real Friends Don't Lie.  This is a rich variegated blend of navy and blue and deep purple, with some red and green strands as well.  

The next skein (2nd on the left) is Alegria in Cielo Azul, a mix fo varying blues from soft pale blue into turuqoise and sky blue, into an almost periwinkle. 

The middle skein is Mechita in a speckled beauty called Lago. This is a medley of sea colors from pale foam into Caribbean blue into navy with speckles and dashes of color and some subtle greens and reds as well.

The fourth skein from the left (2nd from the right) is Tosh Merino Light again in Patagonia, a tonal mix of turquoise light and darker with very occasional speckles of blue and green.  

And the far right skein is a special yarn of Tosh Merino Light + Holo Glitter, with 90% merino/ 8% acrylic/ 2% stellina. The stellina takes the form of glowing metallic threads, in golds and green, silvers and reds.  This colorway is Night in Chile and the overall look is of a pale blue with some white and some dashes and dots of gold and brown.  

(Sorry, sold out)


Kit C mingles violets and pinks into a lovely flower garden, including Mechita, Tosh Merino Light, and Shibui's Silk Cloud 60% kid mohair/ 40% silk with 330 yards/ 25g). Again, there is an additional cost noted via the drop-down menu.

The far left skein is Tosh Merino Light in Paradox, a blend of varying purples and violets with some royal blue and splatterings of black.  

The next skein is Mechita in Lotus, a wonderful variegation including teals nad turquoise, pinks and violets.  

The middle skein shown here is Silk Cloud in a solid Imperial, a rich red-violet, a delicious wine color.  

The fourth from the left (second from the right) is Tosh Merino Light in Star Scatter, a lovely soft rose pink, with some dots and dashes of goldenrod and charcoal.  

And the righthand skein is another Tosh Merino Light, colorway called Killing Me Softly, a cream base with soft tones of sky blue, gray, charcoal,  and pinkish beige.  


If you choose to get beads to add to your yarns (and no, Stephen's pattern does not use them), we offer the option of getting a 35g container of 6/0s, which will give you a bit more than 400 beads to play with. 

If you have a color preference, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

And if you want the yarn alone, make sure the "Kit" drop-down menu is set to that before you check out.