Shibui - Merino Kid - Wasabi/ Bark/ Honey/ Pagoda

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I just found these again.  I must have tucked them away a number of years ago and forgotten about them.  Which is a shame; the yarn is delicious and alas, it was discontinued.  What we show here is all we have to offer. 


We don't usually stock a lot of yarns that are heavier than lace weight and fingering weight -- well, we want yarns that can "play" well with beads. But sometimes a yarn comes along that really sings to me -- and if then it turns out that we have lots of patterns with beads that can be made with it.....well, you can guess the rest.

This is a wonderful yarn from Shibui, called Merino Kid as it is made up of a 55%/45% blend of kid mohair and merino wool.

You can just imagine how delicious it feels.

Each skein has a generous 218 yards (200m) to its 3.5 ounces (100 grams) and a suggested gauge of 20 stitches/ 26 rows to 4" (10cm) using US 7 (4.5mm) needles.

As a wonderful plus, the two fibers seem to take the dye just slightly differently, so each of these are very much what we call an almost-solid. There are variations of hue in each and every one of the colorways we got in and this gives it such a lovely depth and vibrancy of color -- I wish you could see them in person.

We got in a wonderful variety of nine colorways.

On this page we show four warm colors that look excellent alone or together. Here they are, in the order of the photos below:

Wasabi, is a lovely blend of greens with the emphasis on the lighter touch-of- yellow greens of spring. 

Bark is a rich deep brown, some dark, some lighter, a wonderful match for the trunks of the trees in the forest. (Sorry, out of stock)

Honey is a really striking mix of golds -- the photograph missed something about it. It is a gorgeous blond mane after a summer at the seashore. It is golden browns mixed with golden golds, all melding together in a stunning way. I am not a great fan of golds normally but this one is really lovely.(Sorry, out of stock)

And Pagoda is a rusty orange, again with variations of tone, some approaching red-orange and some staying light. The overall look is glowing.

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Big smiles here.