Shinryoku from Noro/ Akoya Haze

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We don't normally bring in heavier yarns but this one is so lovely, both in looks and feel, plus we were offered it at a nice discount -- 15% off --- which (of course) we are passing on. 

From Noro, this is a lovely long color run yarn of 70% wool/ 30% silk and with 197 yards/ 100g.  

This colorway is named Akoya Haze and is gentle pastels, running on a beige background -- pinks and aqua and lilac and yellow....

Really lovely and soft to the hand. 

I used just a bit more than one skein* to make this strikingly weird hat called Spirale  (pattern by Anne of Alfa Knits) -- I feel like smiling every time I wear it.  


* Note on yardage for the hat: I only needed to go into the second skein for the i-cord bind-off so you might be fine with one or with a small quantity of another color/yarn for the end.