Shockwave/ Kit in String Quintets + Crazyfoot

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Violin + Raven
Violin + Raven
Josh's original piece (photos here all by Josh as well)
Josh's original piece (photos here all by Josh as well)

Only one kit in stock!  


Quite a few amazing designers have created beautiful shawl patterns using the idea of small skeinettes as contrast colors. 

What has particularly caught my attention today is Shockwave by Josh Ryks.  

Please note:  

We are not selling Josh's pattern here.  For that you must must must go to his Ravelry page and get it there.  

Also note:

We have put together a kit that has yarns significantly different than what he used in his original one.  We are showing our kits in the inset photos on the top picture on this page and again below it.  The other photos of his finished shawl (all those photos were taken by Josh Ryks as well) are being shown with his permission to show the design.  

The Design

Here is how Josh describes Shockwave: 

Using mini-skeins and a complimentary full skein, Shockwave is a perfect shawl to showcase an amazing mini-skein collection and wear it in style! From the simple garter stitch stripes to the mini monster border at the end, Shockwave is sure to make your yarn shine and give you some rockin’ lines to boot!

The original piece you see in these photos measures 19 inches (48.3 cm) from the top edge to the center point and 64 inches (162.6 cm) along the top edge. Of course, your size will vary due to individual gauge, yarns used, and blocking preferences.

The Kits

Josh suggests one color of fingering weight yarn in semi-solid/tonal as MC plus nine mini-skeins to accompany the main color.

The yardage required is, for the main color: 420 yd/ 384 m; and for each of the mini-skeins, you will need at least 20 yd/ 18 m per mini-skein for180 yd / 162 m in total.

Now, our kits are somewhat different.  

We do included a main fingering weight yarn in each with the required yardage.  For each kit, it will be an almost-solid from Mountain Colors, a Crazyfoot skein with 90% superwash merino/ 10% nylon and having 425 yards per skein. 

For the contrast colors, however, we offer a five-skein set of Lorna's Laces String Quintets, made up of 80% Merino/ 20% nylon, with each skeinette having 107 yards, 535 yards total.  Thus you see that each skeinette has enough yardage to be used multiple times.  

The Yarn and Colorways

Here is data on the kit we have left: 

 Violin + Raven:  Violin is one of the String Quintets.  The colors include a soft violet, a deeper plum, charcoal, medkium grey and a rich berry red.  Raven is an almost-solid black from Mountain Colors, a striking contrast to the skeinettes of Violin. 


These will be great fun.  Unfortunately quantities are currently rather limited. 

And please remember to get your pattern from Josh here.