Short Row Stockinette Cowl: Kits

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Kit 1 (the Silk Garden Lite Solo is the one on the upper right)
Kit 1 (the Silk Garden Lite Solo is the one on the upper right)
Kit 2
Kit 2
Kit 3
Kit 3

I found this delightful cowl design by Suzanne Bryan that I just had to put up on our website. 

Her Short Row Stockinette Cowl is not only a beautiful piece but the pattern is a marvelous tutorial on varying ways to make short-rows!

Get the pattern directly from Suzanne on her Ravelry page here.  What we offer is some lovely yarn to knit this with.  

The Design

To quote Suzanne: 

This pattern is a sampler/tutorial for learning a variety of short row turn methods in Stockinette stitch.

The pattern is written out row by row as well as charted. There are YouTube links for video support of each short row method.

The Yarn and Colorways

We have put together kits that use different yarn than what Suzanne used for her original but which should work beautifully.  You can see our yarn in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. 

Honestly, I was positive I had some of the same yarn,  Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball® Stärke 6 here in stock but I've been tearing the shop apart looking for it.  And this is such a neat design that I simply didn't want to not offer it (that's a double-negative but you get the gist, I hope).

The yarn we offer is from Noro, their Silk Garden Lite. Each skein is of 45% silk/ 45% mohair/ 10% wool, and if it initially feels a bit stiff to work with know that once it is washed it blooms itno an amazingly soft feel.  In general, Noro tried to keep the carbon footprint on their yarns as low as possible, preferring to get organic whenever possible and not overly scouring or processing as they turn the fiber into yarn.   

The A yarn of each of our kits is one with looooooong color runs, the Silk Garden Lite.  The B yarn is the Silk Garden Lite Solo, basically a one-color contrast, not quite a solid but any color variations are ver subtle.  

There are 136 yards(124 meters)/ 50g skein so three of A will be in each kit and one of B


Kit 1:  

A:  Silk Garden Lite in a rich coolness, Colorway #2088, being mostly blues of varying hues from light into deep into turuqoise and with some browns and grays as well.  

B:  The Silk Garden Lite Solo is color # 2002, a deep silvery gray. 


Kit 2:

A:  Silk Garden Lite in colorway #2159, also called Tamura.  It is a blend of party colors:  I see gold and rose, pink and turuqoise, purple and amber and some green as well.  

B:  Silk Garden Solo in color #2014, aka Inuyama, a deep rich royal purple, kjust a tad deeper than the deepest of the purples in the #2159, so it will work nicely. 


Kit 3

A:  Color # 2158, Yuzawa, a flower garden of colors with pink and green, teal and lime, a bit of brown and orange.

B:  We chose for this contrast color the Silk Garden Lite Solo in #2005, Hidaka, a cool green (not quite teal but verging on it).  Beautiful. 





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