Shoshana Shawl/ Kits with Bead Option: TUS Yarns

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Charmed, as in these kits
Charmed, as in these kits
Inbar's original Shoshana, © Inbar Rofman
Inbar's original Shoshana, © Inbar Rofman

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A really lovely shawl design, the roses really lend themselves to the colorway we have chosen to kit it with. 

The designer, Inbar Rofman, has made a real masterpiece with her Shoshana Shawl. 

Please be sure to get your pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page.  We offer here yarn (and possibly beads) to knit this beauty. 

Here is what she writes:

This romantic and flowery shawl will make anyone feel special! 
Instructions are written for both left handed and right handed knitters. 

We do not offer the same yarn as Inbar used in her original. What she recommends is between 634 - 711 yards (580 - 650 m) of fingering weight yarn.

You can see our yarn in the small inset photo on the upper lefthand corner of the first picture on this page (next to the rose) and again on the second photo on this page.

Our yarn is Nimbus, an EarthFaire exclusive, a 100% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) yarn.  Not quite as fine as merino though plenty soft enough for next-to-skin wear.  What it does have that merino doesn't is a lovely drape and even a shine.  

Each set is made up of 6 smaller skeins of 109 yards each so your total will be about 654 yards.  

Charmed was based around a lovely rose and changes colors in a most beautiful way.  Basically it starts with a rich golden amber gradually flowing into a cool rosy pink.  Gorgeous!


No, there are no beads as part of this pattern.  But I could see beads in a number of places, in amongst the lovely roses of the lace work in particular.

If you would like to add about 20g of size 6/0 beads (that's roughly 240 beads), we offer that as a choice. 

It would be up to you where to add them to this design. 

Tell me if you have a color preference on the beads; otherwise, I will choose for you.