Shrugometry/ Pattern by Jane Thornley

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A marvelous new design by Jane Thornley -- I am going to let her tell you about it.

"Looking for an easy knit that brings luscious results? Consider Shrugometry.

"The formula is simple: 4 triangles = 1 shrug.

"With a softly rolled collar, a draping back and stunning rear view, here's a perfect topper for chilly nights.

"Whittle down your stash, keep it monochromatic, amplify the color for more impact or even tone the whole thing down with tones of grey and black -- you decide. Either way, knitting Shrugometry is a bit like knitting a kaleidoscope with the center back caught in the viewfinder."

In fact, Jane tells me that the design is easy enough even for newbie knitters and the results are lovely.

We are delighted to be able to offer it here.

Please be aware -- if you would like a PDF file to download, the place to go is Jane's own website. Purchasing the pattern there gives you the immediate satisfaction of a download. What we offer here is simply a hard copy printed out on heavy paper, slipped into a plastic sheet protector, and shipped to you -- maybe even with some yarn or beads to embellish it with.

A lovely project, a great way to use some of those beautiful yarns in your stash and a perfect garment to wear in the cool evenings of Autumn.