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Teal Feathers (your kit will have two skeins, not the 3 shown here).
Teal Feathers (your kit will have two skeins, not the 3 shown here).
Hayley's original
Hayley's original

A beautiful design by Hayley Tsang Sather, Sibylle Shawl is a striking work of art. 

Get this pattern via Hayley's Ravelry page. This web page offers kits with yarn and beads for making this beauty. 

The Design

Here is what she writes: 

Sibylle Shawl is a large deep-crescent shaped shawl based on the Herbert Niebling’s pattern of the same name. 

Sibylle is worked from the top down with increases throughout the body. The original pattern, in half, is a half circle. I added patterns to the two edges for a softer deep-crescent shape.

I hope to continue modifying these amazing designs – Sibylle is the fourth one after Quadratische Decke (QD), Pfingstrose (Peony), and Blattkranz (Leaf Wreath) – into a shawl shape with well illustrated charts and clear instructions so more knitters will discover and enjoy the magic of Niebling.

Sibylle uses approximately 985-1020 yards / 900-930 meters of heavy-lace-weight yarns. It may also be knitted in lace-weight yarn (765-820 yards / 700-750 meters) for a more open look, or fingering-weight yarn (1095 yards / 1050 meters) for a denser fabric, and even larger shawl. 

Sibylle may be knitted with or without beads.

Note that Hayley classifies this pattern as good for an advanced beginner. It consists of charts only. Thus the pattern does not include row-by-row written instruction. Almost all of the WS rows are purled inside the edge stitches. Those few that aren’t are noted.

The Yarn

Our kits are not of the same yarn nor colorway that Hayley used for her original piece. You can see what we offer in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that.

The other pictures show the original shawl and are there so you can see the design itself. What we have for this web page are photos of Hayley's original piece, © Hayley Tsang Sather. 

Make sure to look at the Project Pages to see other stunning shawls in all sorts of colorways and yarns. 

Truly inspiring!

What we have put together are kit using Malabrigo's Lace, 100% baby merino wool with 470 yards/ 50g skein.  Each kit will include two skeins, well more than you need for this beautiful piece.  

1.  Sabiduria is a tonal blend of wines, from light to deep.  The overall look has marvelous depth to it.  (Sorry, sold out)

2.  Teal Feather is more of an almost-solid of varying tones of teal.  It again has a lovely depth. 

 The Beads

The beads for this shawl are optional but we'll be including them in each kit.  Hayley suggests size 6/0 or 8/0 for lace weight yarn.  If you wish to bead all of the charts, you will need about 800 beads.

We will be including at least 800 size 8/0 beads in each kit.  (if you would prefer the larger 6/0s, contact me and I'll set you up with that.)

Tell me if you have a preference on bead color.  Otherwise I will chose for you.