Silk Garden Sock: S471

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The Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn has 300 meters (about 330 yards) to its 100 gram skein and is composed of 40% lamb's wool/ 25% silk/ 25% nylon/ 10% kid mohair. As with many of Noro's yarns, it feels somewhat stiff as you work with it but softens up amazingly after a wash.

Noro Silk Garden Sock, colorway #S471: This has quite lovely gentle cool tones, including primarily gray, black, pine, teal, and violet. 

We took a photo of two skeins to better show the full color range. 


As a btw, I had a lovely time knitting Susan Ashcroft's Colorwheel Cowl using one skein of this yarn over a short winter vacation, and wanted to share it with you here.

If you are interested, the pattern can be found here:  Colourwheel .


I happen to love Noro yarns. It seems that knitters either love them or hate them; there are very few in-between. I find that the colors sing to me, the yarns have life to them and the vibrancy of the whole allows me to overlook the occasional knot or the few bits of vegetable matter. The company is very eco-conscious as well, and that adds to my good feeling for the brand, using organic materials whenever possible and minimal processing. So if leaving a smaller carbon footprint matters to you, Noro is a wonderful choice.