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This is my absolute favorite material to use for necklaces.

From Kreinik is this wonderful silk thread called Silk Serica, a 3-ply, 100% pure filament silk with a magnificent, rich sheen. It is a versatile silk thread that can be used singly as a fine twisted silk -- which is how we use it -- or if you are into embroidery and like needle arts, it can be separated for use as a highly reflective flat silk for more advanced stitching techniques (like Japanese embroidery, canvas work, laid work).

We had been using this thread with many of the Jewelry patterns but its major disadvantage is that it will stretch when wet. To my mind, this rules it out for bracelets. As it normally comes in smaller 10m spools, and has to be specially ordered (with additional wait times and cost) in 20 meter spools, I had let it go and got in the Vineyard silks (also very nice). But my heart was always with the Silk Serica -- the feel is simply amazing.

Then I discovered that we could easily order and get any of the many colors in larger 50 meter spools. Now this is way more than is needed for a single necklace but will lend itself nicely to two, perhaps even three. And so we brought in a few colors to try out and to see if you would like as well.

Here is what we have, as laid out left-to-right in the top photo:

8073 Light Charcoal (a silvery hue)

5013 Light Navy (I'd call it a medium blue, not light at all)

5104 Medium Cerulean (sort of sky blue)

1116 Dark Christmas Red (definitely!) (sorry -- out of stock)

6123 Light Dusty Lavender (very pale whisper of color)

1047 Very Dark Cobalt Violet (deep wine)

2015 Medium Dark Gold (rich gold)

4066 Dark Holly (evergreen)

And two more that didn't make it into the photo:

8050 Black (yes,definitely black) (Sorry -- out of stock)

6083 Light Grape (I see it as a deep royal purple)


So make your choice from the drop-down menu. If you have a great idea to create and need another colorway, email me and I'll see what I can do.

These should help you make great beauties...


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