Silver Bells & Cockle Shells/ TUS Marici

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Marici in Impressionist Sunrise.
Marici in Impressionist Sunrise.
Changing Skies
Changing Skies

We last offerred this lovely kit in 2012.  But it is too lovely to forget about so here is another chance to create this amazing design by Melissa Lemmons.

Quantities are rather limited though. 


The Design

Called Silver Bells and Cockle Shells, here is how Melissa describes it:

The border of this shawl is based on a vintage edging. I loved the flower and fan motifs so decided to play around with them. The shell like fans with the flowers made me think of the nursery rhyme: Mary, Mary, quite contrary. How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells, and merry maids in a row.

A crescent shaped shawl worked form the top down with optional beads, Melissa includes directions for using Gradiance colorways. She takes you through where to transition from one skein to the next for gradiance sets with four or five or even six mini-skeins to them.

The Yarn and Colorway

Marici is 100% Spun Silk and has an amazing sheen to it. This is truly lovely. We brought in two colorways -- one the same as what Melissa used in her original, and one other, described below.  Each gradiance is composed of four skeinettes of 320 yards so you end up with 1280 yards + or -.  This is the same yardage that Melissa used in her original one, just divided into four skeins. 

1. Melissa knit her larger sized shawl in Marici by The Unique Sheep in our exclusive colorway Impressionist Sunrise -- a very soft blend of hues.

This colorway starts with a lovely grey-violet and gradually changes over to a delicate icy peach, suggesting the first rays of sunlight peeking over the horizon with delicate orange tones. It was inspired by Monet's painting of the same name. 

The shawls shown on this page were knit in Impressionist Sunrise though it appears silver in many of the photos.

(Sorry, sold out)

2. The other colorway, also in Marici, that we have to offer for this kit is Changing Skies.  This is a lovely one that moves from blues into tones of violet and pink.  Another sunrise color, staying with cool tones throughout.  Quite lovely.  

The Beads

What will be included in each kit is more than enough 8/0 beads to knit this shawl, roughly 1,470 beads.  The original was knit using Silver Light Light Sapphire, and we can include that if you like.  

If you would prefer another color bead, just let me know.  Or let me choose for you.

The Pattern

This kit as it currently stands, includes the yarn plus the beads, without the pattern.

We strongly suggest you get the pattern directly from Melissa on her Ravelry page.

If for any reason this is not workable for you, contact us and we'll work out another way for you to get the pattern.