Silver Lined Crystal/ Berry Beads

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Berry Beads are a new bead shape from Miyuki and are approximately the size of size 8/0 beads but with a most unusual shape. The hole is in the center of a figure-eight shaped bead -- there's a bubble kind of above and below. Czech beads have a similar shape and there they are called butterfly beads or farfalles, after the pasta shape -- which indeed might be the more descriptive term.

The new shape of this bead looks like a tiny peanut shape, with its exact dimensions being 2.5 x 4.5 mm. And it looks just like two drop beads are combined together.

When strung on thread or yarn add a interesting drop look. The second photo I took from the Miyuki site to show how they look nestled near each other.

BTW, these are beads that we use (though different colors) in our Mushroom & Butterfly bracelets. We find that this pretty shape and the lovely color of these new beads bring a new accent to bead works.

Those shown on this page have the silver lining in a crystal bead --- striking and glowing, these will stand out nicely.

Packaged in containers of 20 grams each. There are about 26 beads per gram, so figure about 520 berry beads per container, more or less.