Sky Above, Earth Below: Beaded Kit

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Shibui's Birch in Bordeaux, Graphite, and Tar.
Shibui's Birch in Bordeaux, Graphite, and Tar.
a close-up of Sivia's original shawl.
a close-up of Sivia's original shawl.

A brand-new beaded shawl design by Sivia Harding, here we present kits for Sky Above, Earth Below!

The Design

Here is what Sivia writes:

Sky Above, Earth Below is a dreamy asymmetrical crescent that features slipped stitches, garter stitch and other textures, and a sweep of lace, creating a perfect knitting cadence.

The Yarn and Colorways

We are not offering the same yarn or colors that Sivia used in her original.  You can see what our kits consist of in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that. 

Our yarn is from Shibui, their recent discontinued Birch.  This is a 100% extrafine merino with 262 yards (239m) per 50g skein. 

There are actually two possibilities in the one pattern.  With one color you can make a scarf.  With all three, you can make a lovely wrap and that is what we offer here. 

We put together three solid colorways that we thought worked beautifully together. 

*** Bordeaux is, as the name implies, a rich wine. 

*** Graphite is a blue-gray. 

*** Tar is a deep charcoal.  

The original shawl that Sivia made used a yarn that had 365 yds per 100g skein, one of each of the three colors.  The Ravelry page recommends about 800 yards for the shawl but that is with some leeway.  One skein of each colorway of our yarn will give you 262 yards x 3 = 786 yards which seems like it would work well.   

We originally thought we'd just put together a kit with one skein per colorway but Sivia did write to me that the last skein that is used for the lace section might run shy and knitters will have to be careful there.  

So each kit will have one skein each of the two grays (Graphite and Tar), and two skeins of the Bordeaux.  If you would like to switch these around (and get two of one of the grays), just let me know. 


Beads are optional.  Sivia recommends Japanese beads (we offer only those: we carry both Miyuki and Toho):  176 for the shawl. Our kits will include a few more, size 6/0 or equivalent. 

If you have a preference on bead color, let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

The Pattern

This kit as it stand includes yarn and beads.  We did not automatically include the pattern in the overall cost.

We offer three options for getting the pattern.

1. If you prefer to get your pattern via Sivia's Ravelry page here (and thus have it saved in your Rav library) then set the drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed."

2. Or we can print out a hard copy for you and send it along with the kit.  That option is also via the drop down menu.

3. Alternatively, I can directly email the pattern to you.  This is not automatic, however.  Usually I send the pattern when I am about to ship the pattern.