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Anne-Lise's original
Anne-Lise's original

This is a Pre-Order. 

Once your order is place you are added to a special dye queue and your yarn set will be dyed and ready for you within roughly 4 to 6 weeks.

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A beautiful new design by Anne-Lise Maigaard, Smaug is a marvelous shawl to knit!

The Design

Here I quote Anne-Lise: 

This began as an effort to make a dragon shawl to fit the new dragon colours from DyeDianaDye (how could I not).

If you really try, you might be able to see the webbed wings of the beast. 

The border patterns were chosen because they looked a bit like scales, and the last lacy bit is part of a Gannet design called Wildfire, which I thought was appropriate for a dragon. The very last “paw print” edge can be blocked into a more claw-like shape, if wanted. 

Yarn and Colorway

The knitting is done with lace weight yarn.  Again I quote what Anne-Lise wrote to me:

I used cobweb held double, which amounts to a mid-range lace weight (750 m/100 g). The yarn is linen/silk and handles as fingering when held double because of the linen.

The final yardage will depend of which kind of yarn you choose and your needle size. The pattern is 196 rows, compared to the Wild Swan which is 142 rows. One tester used cobweb single strand and 2.75 mm needles and came in just under 1000 m.

I designed this to be huge because people requested a huge shawl. So… :D


So!  We went hunting for a good lace weight yarn for this beauty. 

Our yarn is not the same as what Anne-Lise used in her original.  You can see ours in the small inset photo on the top picture and again below that.

What we offer here is some delicious yarn from The Unique Sheep, their 100% lace weight Marici.  Each yarn set consists of four one-ounce skeinettes, totaling 1,250 yards.

The colorway is Dragon Fire, and will give a look very similar to the original one you see on these pages. 

This is a gradiance set that goes from cool canberry into red into red-orange into orange.  I love how it moves from cool colors into warm colors -- you can choose to highlight one over the other with the color of bead and also decide which you will have closest to your face.

Take a look at MaryScott's Ravelry project page here.  She used the same yarn (different colorway) to create her masterpiece.


Anne-Lise writes that beads can be placed wehn working nupps or even as substitutes for nupps if you so choose. 

As written (and shown in the shawl you see on this page), beads have been placed at the base of each single nupp, using 81 beads.  If you wish to also have beads at the base of the double nupps, you would need another 81 of them for a total of 162 beads.  

Anne-Lise used size 6/0 beads and that is what will be included in each kit -- a bit more than the162 needed if you want them at all the nupps.

As there aren't too many of them and as silk is a very strong fiber, the shawl should be fine with the heavier weight of these (normally with lace weight yarn, I recommend the smaller and lighter 8/0s).  We feel that the drama that 6/0s give to a piece is very well worth it and will work beautifully here.  

It looks like Anne-Lise used golden beads on hers that stand out beautifully.  I also like the idea of silver ones and those would pick up and emphasize the cool colors. Alternatively, if you prefer your beads to mirror the colors in your yarns, you might like Silver Lined Flame Red AB (for warm) or S/L Ruby (for cool).

If you have a preference on color for the beads, let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you.

The Pattern

We set up this kit with yarn plus beads and have not automatically included the pattern. We offer three options for getting the pattern.

1. If you prefer to get your pattern via Anne-Lise's Ravelry page here (and thus have it saved in your Rav library) then set the drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed."

2. Or we can print out a hard copy for you and send it along with the kit.  That option is also via the drop down menu; note that there is both a written pattern and a charted version, both of which will be included for a total of 21 pages. 

3. Alternatively, I can directly email the pattern to you.  This is not automatic, however.  Usually I send the pattern when I am about to ship the pattern so let me know via the drop-down menu and be a bit patient please.  :-)

Note that Anne-Lise rates this design as for medium to advanced knitters. "Charted RS rows only, WS rows are purled except for edge sts and double, triple and quadruple yo’ers, and nupps."