Snowberry: Kit with Bead Option

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To show you the original shawl, © Ilona Dmitrieva
To show you the original shawl, © Ilona Dmitrieva

Oh wow and wow again!

This is a gorgeous lace design, and perfect as a project to remind one of the cooler days to come.

Please get your pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here. What we offer from this web page is yarn and the option of getting beads as well. 


By Ilona Dmitrieva, the Snowberry Lace Shawl is a semicircular lace shawl worked from the center back of the neck down to the border.

It is a stunning masterpiece of stitchwork, designed for intermediate to advanced knitters, with pattern stitches on the right-side rows only. 

Yarn and Colorways

We do not have the exact yarn that Ilona selected for her original shawl.  You can see what we have for these kits in the inset photo in the lower righthand corner of the top picture and again below that.

The original piece was knit (by  Galina Borisova) using two strands of cobweb lace yarn held together and used about 844 yards (773 m).   This gave finished measurements of 170 cm (67”) along the wingspan and 80 cm (31.5”) depth, measured after blocking.

Ilona does point out that the finished size depends on your yarn choice, the needle size and your individual manner of knitting. Gauge is not important for this project but will affect the finished shawl's size and yardage requirements.

What we are offering is a lovely heavy lace weight yarn Findley from Juniper Moon Farms.  Findley is a lovely 50% wool/ 50% silk beauty with 798 yards per 100g ball. 

It feels truly delicious.


Instead of white, we went with Greyhound which is a delicious medium grey, a cool color that just veers very slightly to the blue side of the colorwheel.


Thus, if my math is correct, to make a similarly-sized shawl in this heavy-lace-weight yarn instead of a doubled-cobweb-weight you should be fine with one skein of Findley.  And that is what you will get in this kit. 

If you would like the insurance of a second skein, just let me know and we'll work that out with you.

Beads Perhaps?

The design as written in this pattern does not include beads but this pattern certainly would look awesome with some beads outlining the leaves and flowers. 

Of course you will have to decide for yourself where to put the beads and how many to use. 

We offer the option of getting a 20g container of 8/0s -- that's about 800 beads + or - a few.  Make your selection via the drop-down menu labeled "Kits" to get the yarn alone or the beads as part of this kit. 

Personally I like the idea of Silver Lined Crystal and Silver Lined Crystal AB beads.  With the soft grey colorway, they will blend a bit, like sunlight glinting off the snow;.

There are others I like too.  If you have a preference for bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you.