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Our kit -- note it will include two of the Teenie Weenie balls of black.
Our kit -- note it will include two of the Teenie Weenie balls of black.
Emma's original
Emma's original

These are real smile-makers!

These Snowman Socks by Emma Bermudez are fantastic (in all sense of the word) socks to knit that will keep you happy and warm all winter long.  


Make sure to get the pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here What we have put together are some kits to knit these with. 


The Design

Here is how Emma describes these:

This 3 dimensional pattern is available in children’s sizes, all the way through to adults! It uses primarily increases and decreases to create its shape, along with a few other tricks.

These snowmen are knit cuff down, and perfect for their ability to be worn with little to no blocking necessary. This sock pattern works up fairly quickly without too much difficulty. The sock has a heel flap heel, which could be easily substituted if desired.

These socks are fully wearable in shoes!

Yarn and Colorways

We put together kits that will allow you to knit these in any of the sizes Emma gives in the pattern. 

Interestingly, it was getting small quantities of yarn for the scarf and nose and hat were the most difficult part of getting these.  

So if you feel that you have sufficient scraps to use for these smaller items (and really, very little is need for each) and would just like to get the two main colors for the sock and snowman, let me know and we can discuss setting you up with an abbreviated (and cheaper) kit.  


The kits as offered on this webpage will give you the yarns as described here -- you can also see them in the inset photo on the upper righthand corner of the top picture on this page and again below that.

Please note: The buttons or felt you will need to represent the eyes and mouth and snowman's buttons are not part of this kit. 


Our kit

The main yarns used for these socks are the very mis-named Trekking Sport, a fingering weight sock yarn of 75% superwash wool + 25% nylon and has 459 yards/ 100g.  We have brought in two colorways for these socks: 

1. Color #1401 in Trekkng Sport is a white (one ball will be more than enough for a pair of socks)

2. Color #1406 in Trekking Sport is a medium blue (a bit darker than the blue that Emma used in her original) -- again one ball per kit. 

3. From KFI Collection is Teenie Weenie Wool, of the same fiber composition as the Trekking though there are only 43 yards to each 10g ball. As you may need as much as 50 yards for an adult pair of socks, two balls of Black will be in each kit so you will have more than enough. 

4.  Madeline Tosh's Dragon Tails are of 100% superwash merino wool with 52 yards per mini-skein. For the majority of our kits we have Citrus in a Dragon Tail for the orange nose. (As only 5 yards are needed, we include one skein per kit).  For one kit, there will be a single Teenie Weenie Wool ball in the color called Pumpkin.  

5. Again, Dragon Tails this time in Coquette-Deux, a lovely medium rose, for the scarf. (Again, a very small amount of 10 yards is needed so there will be one skein per kit)


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