Sonata Shawl from Not Just Plain Jane Knits/ Pattern

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Another of Jane Elliot's absolutely amazing patterns -- from her Not Just Plain Jane Knit line, the full name of this is The (Not Just Plain) Garter Stitch Sonata Shawl.

There are two versions in this pattern to choose from. With a poncho look, these are both mitered shawls, each having one button at the V neck. One version has stripes going at different angles. The other has fancy embellishments on the lower third.

If you click on the photo to the right, you will see the embellished version. I thought this looked perfect for us -- can't you see a few beads scattered here and there for additional dimension and luster?

The overall knitting is quick and easy, using garter stitch, eyelet work, and some mitering. The knitter is urged to pick out a variety of today's wonderful novelty yarns -- the more the merrier.

The overall gauge for the pattern is 3 stitches to the inch on size 11 US needles.

Jane takes you through the pattern stitch-by-stitch. Tremendous fun.