Song & Dance: Kits from TUS

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Kit A
Kit A
Kit B
Kit B
This and the following photos show some of BarbAnn's original shawls.
This and the following photos show some of BarbAnn's original shawls.
Kit A again
Kit A again
And Kit B again
And Kit B again

It was love at first sight when I saw this beautiful design by BarbAnn Pappas .

Song and Dance is a beautiful play with colors and I immediately contacted Kelly of TUS (The Unique Sheep) to see if she could dye up some kits for this awesome shawl.

This is the result.  i am delighted!


Get your pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here.  What we have put together are special yarn sets.


The Design

Here is what BarbAnn writes:

The beauty of this design uses two different stitch patterns that create a rhythmic and beautifully textured fabric.

The combination of an easy lace sequence and a series of simple short row shapes move easily across the row.

The lace sequence made with Yarnovers, and K2togs creates eyelet contrast stripes. Like the notes on a page of music it moves rhythmically across the fabric.

The short row shapes made by knitting baonck and forth, sway like dancers moving across the dance floor. Short Rows are created using German Short Rows - described in pattern.

These two elements, are not only relaxing and enjoyable to knit but are interesting as you watch the colors emerge across the fabric.

Yarn and Colorways

This kit does not give you the same yarns as those BarbAnn used in her original piece.  You can see ours in the inset photos on the top picture on this page and again below that.

BarbAnn writes that two or three contrasting colors of yarns are needed to expose the beauty of this design. Fingering or Sport weight yarns have been used for samples, about 650 yards of the gradient yarns and about 430 yards of one contrasting solid color + about 160 yards of another.

Kelly dyed up two sets both in Kiri, a delicious 80/20 blend of superwash merino/ tussah silk.


Kit A :

1. A Walk By The Shore.  This is a gradiance colorway that ranges from a bright sky blue into iris and purple and gradually a mauve and sand.  This is dyed in 6 skeinettes each of 108 yards so you will have a total of 648 yards.

2.  Color B is a contrast skein in Teal has 432 yards/ 4 oz.

3. Color C is a contrast skein in Dark Violet with 160 yards/ 1.5oz.


Kit B: (same yardages as Kit A)

1. The Gradiance colorway here is Twilight, blending from soft grey into charcoal into blue into navy into royal purple. 

2. Contrast Skein B is what Kelly is calling Plum Purple, a lighter shade. To me it looks like the color that you might see in Wisteria blossoms in the spring.

3. Color C is Charcoal-Navy, a deeper slightly heathered blue that approaches midnight.


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