South Seas Stole/ by Laura Patterson

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This one is breath-taking.

Here is what the designer, Laura Patterson of Fiber Dreams, wrote:

"A number of years ago my husband and I took an unforgettable vacation to the Solomon Islands. When I got this yarn this summer, I didn’t think of the Aegean Sea that the color was named for, but of the islands and the waters of the South Pacific. I wanted to knit a stole that reminded me of that incredible trip. For stitches I chose seam foam, two shell patterns, lots of sun, and surrounded them with gently lapping waves."

To make this, you will want a lace weight yarn, about 1,000 yards.

The finished size is 24 x 72 inches (61 x 183 cm).

Whereas the model was knit with JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool Silk 2/18, you can easily substitute any other lace weight yarn.

The pattern also calls for about 13 grams of size 8/0s. The original (as seen in the photos) used silver lined crystal -- which is a great neutral to go with everything and gives you the awesome look of twinkling stars.

These are added to the work with the "crochet hook method" of adding beads -- simple and easy. You add the bead to the stitch as you get to it. No need to pre-string.

You can get the thin crochet hook on our "Needles & Hooks" web pages. We recommend any that is 0.85mm or thinner (the hooks get finer [thinner] as the numbers go up)

This is really a gorgeous piece.

Highly recommended.