Sparkle & Rime: Beaded Cowl Kit

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One skein of Eden Valley with some 8/0 beads scattered about....
One skein of Eden Valley with some 8/0 beads scattered about....
Claire's original cowl
Claire's original cowl

This kit sold out very quickly.  If you are interested in our bringing it back, please contact me, and we will do our best (and stay in touch on it).  


A lovely design, a song to winter-past and winter-to-come, with glorious glistening beads on a rich background.


Please get your pattern from the designer's Ravelry page here.  Our kit does not include the pattern; it is yarn and beads only. 


The Design

Here is what Claire, the designer, writes:

Frosty trees and sparkling stars all depicted in tiny beads.

The Sparkle and Rime cowl is knit entirely in the round with beads added with a crochet hook.

The pattern includes instructions on how to add beads plus full colour charts.

The Yarn

We do not offer the exact yarn that Claire used in her original piece. You can see our kit in the lower lefthand corner of the top photo and then again below that. 

All that is needed for this lovely piece is about 250yds / 229m fingering weight / 4ply yarn and 828 beads. 

Our yarn is from The Fibre Company, their Amble, a fingering weight yarn that blends washable merino (70%) with alpaca (20%) and recycled nylon (10%).  The intent was to create a sock yarn that was gentle to the planet -- thus the nylon is recyled and an alternative was found to the standard chlorine processed washable wools.  This is a soft and durable yarn that is categorized as fingering weight with 355 yards (325m) per 100g skein. 

The colorway is Eden Valley, a dark teal, similar in look to Claire original. 

The Beads

Claire's original piece was knit using 828 size 6/0 beads though to keep the weight lighter she used silver-coated plastic beads.

All of our beads are glass, high quality from Miyuki or Toho of Japan, and thus are a bit heavier.

The beads are added via crochet hook.  Our smaller (and lighter) size 8/0s are a bit tight to add but do-able. 

Each kit will "default" to include 25g of size 8/0 beads -- that will give you about 1,000 beads.  Just bear in mind that they will be a bit harder to add via crochet hook.  You might opt for another method of adding them though I tried the crochet hook and it does work. 

If you prefer the larger (and heavier) size 6/0 beads, that option has been added to the drop-down menu labeled "Kit." Those will slide onto the yarn much easier. 

All of the beads, in whichever weight you choose, will be in the silver family color-wise, so as to stand out well and duplicate the look of the original.  

If you would prefer a different color in bead, let me know.