Sparkling Pewter Lined Crystal: Miyuki Seed Bead 6/0

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by Heidemarie Nyhuis
Date Added: Monday 15 February, 2016
Rating: 5 Stars [5 Stars]
Beautiful beads and good quality as not one had any manufacturing defects. My only issue was that the bead count was nowhere near what the website claimed it to be. My project called for 690 beads and one container was to have 35 grams, each gram approx 12 beads which would have given me 420 per container, but there was no where near that. The two containers that I ordered was not adequate. I had made this project before so I knew the bead count was accurate in the pattern. I am not upset that I needed more beads, just a little annoyed that I have to wait a week to finish my project until my second order arrived.

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A lovely neutral -- this has a sparkling pale gray lining through a crystal bead.

Quite nice indeed.

Packaged in containers holding roughly 35 grams/ figure 12 beads per gram approximately.