Special Bead Mix for Starvaell Shawl

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We have a huge (!) assortment of possibilities for an expanded set of beads, including crystals, pearls, shell, and all sorts of beauties.
We have a huge (!) assortment of possibilities for an expanded set of beads, including crystals, pearls, shell, and all sorts of beauties.
Maylin's original
Maylin's original

Maylin, the awesome designer who brought us Wingspan, just released a new shawl design called Starvaell.  

Here is what she writes:

The days are lengthening (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway) and it is time to lighten up and have fun!

The shawl is knit all in garter stitch and shaped with short rows. I used Regia Flower Power Sock yarn to get the nice fade in each of the triangles. You will need 2 colours of yarn that fade into each other nicely. Or you could use one ball of gradient Lace weight (using the same needles this would be looser). Or mini skeins… or leftovers…

There are lots of fun things going on, a little fading, lots of holes, a flirty fringe and lots of fun picking beads and things to put in the fringe. Something to evoke the Flower Child in all of us.

The shawl can be extended to as many triangles as you wish. With 2 balls of Regia Flower Power I comfortably achieved 9 triangles giving a shawl with a wingspan of 130cm (50 inches) and depth of 42cm (17 inches).

The fringe is the eye catcher. It is knit as you go and a photo tutorial shows you how to add beads. But don’t limit yourself to beads, add charms, shells, broken jewellery, anything you can put a hole in! Theme you shawl or build it of memories.

It can (and should) be gotten via her Ravelry page here.

You will notice that as part of the design, a set of beads is added an extravagant beaded fringe

For her original piece, Maylin wrote to me that she used roughly 350 beads;  that "half were 5/0 seed beads and the rest a mixture of charms, small shells, abalone, a few semi precious 4mm or 6mm beads and other bits and pieces salvaged from old jewellery such as pearls."

And so this mix is being created especially for you to use for this great design.

Now unfortunately many of the most intriguing bits and bobs have very small holes and will be a hassle to add to fingering weight yarn.  And though the shawl can be knit in lace weight, it is written for fingering. 

So here is what we are going to do:


The basic set of beads as seen here will all work very well with fingering weight yarn.  An example of the basic set is what you see in the top photo on this page. 

Your mix might include 5/0 round beads, 5/0 triangles, 4x7mm magatamas, 4x4 cubes, an assortment of pewter charms of varying sizes and shapes, silver Bali beads of various sizes and shapes and some handblown "furnace" glass. 

These are all (as you see) in a neutral colorway -- silvers, crystals, whites, and a bit of black.

Enough are included so you can do your entire piece with one of these basic sets.  


We added a few drop-down menus to give you other choices as well. 


If you would like, you can add a color.  To do this, set the drop-down menu to Basic Set Plus Another Color. 

The mix would then be mostly neutrals with the addition of the color beads you tell me you would like, to highlight your yarn colorway. For the most part it will be the seed beads which will have the additional color though if I have them, I'll add a few other options.  Here, though, you must tell me what your yarn looks like.

To tell me color or ask questions about what will work with your yarn, please give me a short statement via the "Comments" section as you check out and also send me an email via the Contact Us page. (Sometimes Comments get stripped off the order, so let's use a belt and suspenders both.)


Now, if you don't mind struggling a bit or are fine using wire to add your "bling", or perhaps plan to knit with lace weight yarn you can add to the basic set. 

If you would like to add to your kit, depending on your color choice we might include some fire polish crystals, of varying sizes, some semi-precious stones in various sizes and shapes and glass pearls from Swarovski, in varying sizes and shapes, as well as anything else that strikes me as working with the bead set.  We have a huge variety of beads and extras that would look great and be fun to add. 

This is offered via that same drop-down menu under the top photo -- choose Basic Set Plus Additions.  Give me data or let me choose for you;  tell me you want to go "neutral" or with a color choice.