Spruce/ Scarf Pattern from Sunflower Designs

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A special scarf, perfect for this time of year, from the needles of Susan Pandorf!

Or any time you'd appreciate beauty to brighten your days....I think it will be marvelous throughout the dark days of winter.

This scarf is made using about 1300 yards of fingering weight yarn plus 1500 size 8/0 beads -- these are placed along the long edges of the scarf and also concentrated near the ends.

Then you will also want 110 larger stars (or other accent beads or charms). These decorate the very endings of the scarf plus the Christmas trees through the body.

Here is what Susan said about the design:

"Beading is concentrated on the ends. That way the knitting goes a lot quicker.

"The scarf has this really great line of stars along the bottom edge, then twisted rib sections flanking heavy seed beading in the rectangular section just above.

"The main pattern then begins with this terrific lace pattern that looks just like little spruce trees.

"And there is a little silver star hanging from the end of each branch."

Susan also suggests that you could expand on this in some great ways. You could "hang" multicolored beads on your trees. Or play with other fancy beads, like ones that look like icicles or candy canes. You could add crocheted garlands -- really there is no limit to what you can do to make this beauty your own personal statement.

The design itself is charted and rated as an intermediate level design.