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Strawberry Tea
Strawberry Tea
Darling Rainbow #303
Darling Rainbow #303
Darling Rainbow #302
Darling Rainbow #302
Just in case you are interested in the Tough Love yarns as themselves, note how they
Just in case you are interested in the Tough Love yarns as themselves, note how they "fade" beautifully one into the next.
This one and each of the following photos show some of Crizzy's original socks.
This one and each of the following photos show some of Crizzy's original socks.

A most intriguing sock design by Crizzy of Ursa Major Knits, Stand & Deliver is sure to keep your interest throughout.  

These can truly be knit in any sock yarn; what we offer here is a kit that will allow you to make either identical twins or fraternal ones. 

We strongly suggest you get your pattern via the Ursa Major Ravelry page.  However, should you wish, we have a few other options mentioned at the bottom of this page. 

The Design

Here is what Crizzy writes: 

It’s 17th Century England. The horse-drawn carriage shakes and squeaks as it travels along the bumpy road from Old London Town.

Suddenly you hear a galloping horse, followed loudly by the famous words ‘Stand and Deliver!’, and out of the swirling mists rides the Gentleman Highwayman in all his stylish glory! He may excuse you of your gold and silver, but he will do so with such grace and elegance, daring and bravado, and dressed in such high fashion, that the ladies will swoon, and his legend will be immortalised in ballads and stories retold for centuries to come!

Of course, this is a romanticised version of reality, but it was while watching a programme on these Gentlemen Highwaymen that I was inspired to create my own Stand & Deliver socks! I’m not sure if the famous Dick Turpin, Sixteen String Jack or Gentleman James Maclaine were lucky enough to have socks like these knitted for them, but I like to think that the stylish bootlace design would have been a hit with the highwaymen!

Stand & Deliver socks can be knitted as identical or inverted twins, like the Venetian Blinds socks. There are also two different ways to knit the “tongue”. You have plenty of options to play with! 

Note that these socks are worked from the toe up. If you have never tackled toe-up socks before, here is your chance to learn it, as every step is illustrated fully.  You will also find that the pattern is both written out and charted. 

The Yarn and Colorways

Crizzie also writes that Stand & Deliver socks are the perfect project to use 30 – 50 g of leftovers and you can combine colors in many different ways. Or knock yourself out and get a couple of mini skeins. If you prefer identical twins, you will need 80 – 100 g as a base and some contrasting leftovers of about 20-30 g.

If you look at the Project Pages you will see that a few of her pairs were knit with two toanl or almost-solid colorways, and a few with one almost-solid and one longish-color-run sock yarn.  

Our kits do not duplicate Crizzy's yarn nor colorways.  You can see what we have in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that.  Crizzy's socks are shown here so you can get a good idea of the design itself. 

What we have for this web page is your choice of tonal colorways from Sweet Georgia Yarns in their Tough Love Sock yarn.  These are 80% superwash merino/20% nylon with 425 yards/ 4 ounce skein. 

1.  Lovestruck is a tonal beauty that combines pink and apricot and peach in a most beautiful way. 

2. Pomegranate blends red and fuchisa -- yum!

3.  Strawberry Tea is a wonderful mix of strawberry (doh!), sangria, and currant.  As delicious as it sounds.


And should you wish to add another yarn to the mix, we also have some beautiful Darling Rainbow from Katia.  This yarn has 208 yards/ 50g and is made up of 60% virigin wool/ 40% nylon.  

We thought that one ball of one of these would look great as the "tongue" of the sock knit in any of the above colorways. 

A,  Color #303 has an amazing array of colors, spaced out into color runs.  I see black and purple and merlot and rose, grey, and cream as well, depending on where in the color sequence one starts.  We are photographing a lot of these so you can get an idea of the look.  

B.  Color #302 has black and purple again, this time with very birght tones of orange and red and burgundy.  


The drop-down menu offers you the choice of the Tough Love Sock alone or the addition of one Darling Rainbow ball.  


The Pattern 

As we mentioned above, all instructions are provided in written and charted form. 

Note however that the pattern is not automatically part of this kit.

We strongly suggest you get your pattern via the Ursa Major Ravelry page. For this, choose "No Pattern Needed" on the drop-down menu labelled "Pattern". This will ensure you get any needed updates as soon as they are released.

However if you prefer we can also print out the pattern for you -- all 17 pages -- and send it on with the kit.

Alternatively we can also email the pattern to you.  This is not automatic; I generally send the pattern as soon as I have packed up the kit to ship.

These choices are offered via the drop-down menu above. 


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