Stargazer Brushed: 2 Colors: for Fox Scarf Perhaps?

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Osiris (very dark brown) and Hades (creamy white) in Stargazer Brushed
Osiris (very dark brown) and Hades (creamy white) in Stargazer Brushed
My scarf
My scarf
Nina's original
Nina's original

Juniper Moon Farm put out a delicious new yarn called Stargazer Brushed.  Made up of 85% baby llama + 25% nylon, you can imagine how lovely it feels.

And with 284 yards (260m) per 100g skein, it goes a long way. 

We brought in two colorways:

Osiris is a very dark chocolate.

Hades is a smooth cream.  


This web page is for the Stargazer Brushed yarn only, your choice of dark brown or creamy white.

(See below for data on my Fox Scarf seen here.)


I fell in love with this scarf by Nina Machlin Dayton that she calls My Clever Companion.  

She writes: 

Wrap this foxy friend around your neck and they will help you stay warm while keeping you company on your daily travels.

My Clever Companion is reminiscent of the fox fur neck pieces in vintage clothing, but so much friendlier that you might leave him on even after you take off your coat. There is even a small hidden pocket, just the right size for your metro card or some money for lunch! He (or she) is perfect for offering advice on a city shopping trip, or whispering secrets to on a woodland hike.

Completely adjustable as to size, the actual yardage is 160 - 200 yards of aran weight yarn in Main Color (Orange), and 25 - 30 yards of Contrast Color (white) depending on size, plus a little scrap for his nose.

Pattern contains instructions for customizing the size, complete explanation of the 2 simple crochet stitches used to create the pocket, and a photo tutorial for picking up the stitches to create the ears.


So I took one skein of Osiris and some small left-over bits of white and black from other projects and knit my very own creature.  And I am sooooooo very pleased!  He/she feels marvelous around my neck.

One skein was more than enough -- I definitely have leftovers. 

If you plan to make this scarf, however, know that you will need a skein of the Stargazer Brushed in the color of your choice plus some small quantities of white or cream and black in a worsted weight yarn.  


If you decide that you want this pattern, you can find it on Ravelry here.  Make sure the drop-down menu labeled Pattern is set to "No Pattern Needed" as you will be getting it elsewhere. 

Or if you would prefer getting it from us, either by my printing it out for you or emailing it to you directly, we offer that via the same drop-down menu labeled Patterns above.  Just know that I have to email it manually and generally do that right before shipping the yarn.

And of course if you don't want the pattern, again make sure the drop-down menu labeled Pattern is set to "No Pattern Needed." 

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