Stargazing Lace Shawl/ TUS Kits with Bead Choices

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Twilight dyed on Luna
Twilight dyed on Luna
Winter Dusk (Luna)
Winter Dusk (Luna)
Anna Victoria's original shawl
Anna Victoria's original shawl

We originally offered this kit back in December, when the shawl was first presented as a MKAL.  Now here it is, revealed in all its glory, and we have brought back a few kits.


Anna Victoria has a new and very bead-i-ful shawl called Stargazing

Please note:  You must get the pattern from her Ravelry page here

This web page has a few options. 

The kit in its most basic form is the yarn only (beautiful yarn; no beads). 

There are also a number of options for adding beads, described in some detail below. 

However, you must get your pattern via Anna's web page

The Design

Here is what Anna writes::  

Crescent shape shawl knitted top down. Inspired by the twinkling stars scattered across the endless sky…

Let us go on an ADVENTure this December, let us go Stargazing!

Whether you choose to follow the Christmas star or just make a wish on a Shooting star, who knows what we can discover in the intricate lace patterns and shimmering beads.

The pattern is charts only.  

The Yarn and Colorways

We worked with Kelly of The Unique Sheep (TUS) to put together some gorgeous possibilities for this.

These are two Gradiance choices are dyed in Luna, 75% superwash Merino, 20% nylon, 5% Stellina.  The merino is springy and delicious, the nylon adds strength.  Stellina is a non-metal fiber and in this yarn gives sparkles of silver. 

These sets of yarn are both 6-skein Gradiance sets, with gradually changing colors.  Each smaller skein has 109 yards/ 25g so the total set will give you 654 yards, well more than what Anna recommends for the MKAL.  

1.  Twilight is a wonderfully cool colorway, running from a silver grey deepening into charcoal and then introducing navy, royal purple, and violet.  

2.  Winter Dusk is another cool colorwya, this one being a play on periwinkle.  A monochromatic transitioning from light to deep (or deep to light, depending on our preference) this is truly a sky at dusk. 

The Beads

There are lots of choices for beads, per Anna's write-up, though using them at all is optional.  

The kit as it stands right now will be bead-less.  We set up a drop-down menu to add beads to this kit if you so wish.  

There are two versions of the shawl --- Horizon (with a smaller ‘wingspan’ 350-400m depending on the gauge)  and Zenith (wider ‘wingspan’ 420-480m depending on the gauge) --- and what you use for beads depends on your choice there. 

A. If you would like one color of bead for the entire shawl, one needs 1,040 beads for the Horizon version and 1,304 beads for Zenith.

As these yarns are fingering weight, we would recommend size 6/0 beads.  Thus a one-color option will give you either 90 grams for the Horizon Version or 112 grams of beads for the Zenith version.  

B. To bead Horizon :  one need beads in one colour + also beads for the central decorative element in a contrast colour.  This will require 1017 beads of the main colour and 23 beads of the contrast colour, of which 9 are accent beads (suggested size 3 for those).  And this decorative element in chart 3 is repeated 7 times for the smaller size.

For Zenith, one can bead it in one colour + also bead the central decorative element in a contrast colour.  This  will require 1281 beads of the main colour and 23 beads of the contrast colour again, of which 9 are accent beads (suggested size 3 for those).  

The decorative element in chart 3 is repeated 9 times for the larger size so you will have quite a lot of beads here. 

As far as I can tell, these extra contrast beads could be round or could be cubes or triangles or magatamas, which gives a nice extra touch.  

This is the option on the drop-down menu that we label as including A and B. 

C. There is a third option for both which involves beading it using blue beads, gold beads, and accent beads.   The Horizon version uses 463 blue beads, 514 gold beads  and 63 accent beads; the Zenith version uses 585 blue beads, 638 gold beads and 81 accent beads (marked in orange on the pattern). (BTW, if you would like the same number of these three beads but different colors, just let me know.  For example, silver beads could look great instead of the gold.)

Again, I can see the accent beads are the larger sizes or even simply another shape.  If you have an idea in mind, let me know. 


We tried to make your choices clear via the drop-down menu above; if you have any questions on the beads or if you have another combination you would prefer, let me know. 

As always if you have a preference on colors, tell me .  Otherwise I will choose for you. 


Reminder:  get your pattern on Anna's Ravelry page here