Stars/ 12mm/ Topaz AB

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A great larger star (there are 6mm ones elsewhere on the site)-- we got this especially to go with Susan Pandorf's new Spruce Scarf -- wouldn't this be a marvelous addition?

We thought the smaller 6mm stars could be part of the interior of the scarf (use the search engine to find their web page) -- decorating the trees. And these 12mm ones could be at the ends of the scarf --making the edges really stunningly beautiful.

Note that the stars might need to be sewn on later or pre-threaded. Susan added her special embellishment beads afterward. You will be best off "playing" with different ways to doing the stars and choose depending on what look you like. I don't think their holes are consistently large enough for the crochet hook but again, try them out.

On this page are Topaz AB, because sometimes you want a golden star, yes?

Packaged in units of 25, so you can just get as many as you want. [And just so you know, from my reading of the pattern, it looks like there are 31 star beads at each end of the scarf design.]