Steel and Bamboo Crochet Hook/ ChiaoGoo/ 0.8mm/ Size 14

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Here is another example of the non-standardization of sizes with crochet hooks -- this one is labeled as size 14 but is 0.8mm. Which is a good size for our purposes -- seems that every company has their own idea of what size 14 should be. Go by the mm size and it should be fine.

These are excellent for using for adding beads to knit or chrochet work and definitely thin enough to go through the bead and bring the yarn doubled back through. I have successfully used it with 5/0 beads and worsted weight yarns, without splitting or any ofther difficulties and if it will work well with these thicker yarns you can imagine how well it will work with thinner ones. No reservations here.

The handle is a warm bamboo, smooth to the touch and very comfortable. The bamboo is Chinese Moso bamboo (for those who know these things), one of the largest and strongest bamboo species in the world and definitely a very renewable resource.

The hook is handcrafted by Westing Bridge's highly skilled craftmen in steel. We think these are a great find and are pelased to be able to offer them.