Stepping Out Summer Scarf (Crocheted): Kits with Bead Option

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A beautiful new crocheted scarf by Pia Thadani, paired with a brand-new colorway from Freia yarns = a match that is absolutely delightful.


Please be sure to get your pattern from Pia directly --- either the free version on her website or the paid-for ad-free version on Ravelry

What we have put together here for this kit are some lovely yarns + the chance to add beads to your work.


The Design

Here is what Pia writes about this scarf:

Step out into the summer sunshine with the Stepping Out crochet summer scarf!  With lacy diamonds in lightweight yarn, it’s a perfect accessory for warmer weather. 

The height and width are easily adjustable, so you can make it in a size that’s just right for you. Wear it as a scarf, headband, belt, or tie it around a hat or bag handle for a decorative accent!

Yarn and Colorway

This is not the same yarn as what Pia used for her original.  Our yarn is from Freia, dyed in a true-gradient in a brand-new colorway!  You can see it on the right-hand side of the top photo and again below that.

The pattern calls for about 375 yards (343 m) fingering weight yarn.  The Freia yarn is fingering weight, what Tina (the amazing dyer) calls Shawl Balls. Each is 100% US Merino, with 450 yards (395m) per 100g cake.  

Here is the colorway we have including Tina's descriptions:

 Lucky Penny: A sophisticated and unexpected gradient starting with a pale silver that transitions into Logwood then Red Ochre. The metallic tones of this gradient can be seen as either modern or classic and would be stunning in even the simplest of shawls.

One cake is what will be in your kit as that will be more than enough for this lovely scarf and allow you to make it a bit longer if you so choose.


No, Pia doesn't add beads to her piece but if you would like to, there is that option added to the drop-down menu labeled "Kits."  This allows you to add a 35g container of size 6/0 beads -- that's about 420 beads to place where you see fit. 

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 


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