Stitch Marker Purse Clip

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This one really appeals to me.  Don't think of it as only a Purse Clip.  This can be slid onto a purse, sure, but it can also go onto scissors, onto a necklace, onto a basket, basically onto anything convenient for your knitting or of which you would like to enhance the look.  


Each luxury piece in the Wool and Wire collection is handcrafted in the US from copper-core wire dipped in .999 pure silver with genuine fresh-water pearls and faceted crystals. Hypoallergenic.

This artisan purse clip has been designed with knitters in mind to serve two purposes. The removable, decorative charms double as functional stitch markers for your knitting! Not only can you decorate your favorite knitting bag handle, but your stitch markers will always be in reach.

Also doubles as a scissor fob!

This Purse Clips measure 3 inches and will hold several sets of markers. Each piece comes with one stitch marker (each unique) attached. Notice that the photos here show the Clips holding a few extras.  Extra Stitch Markers are sold separately -- you will find some here. 


About the Artist

Sallee Anne lives and works as a freelance artist on California's beautiful central coast. Over the past 30 years, Sallee has explored her passion to create through jewelry and fiber arts, as well as fashion and interior design. Wool and Wire is an expression of Sallee's creative approach to jewelry and invention.


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