Stuffed Toy Projects/ Patterns for Poems Yarn/ Knit and Crochet

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I couldn't resist -- these just make me smile!

Designed by Michele Wilcox, here is a wonderful assortment of stuffed creatures to make using Poems or Poems Silk from Wisdom Yarns.

The Toucan is the only one requiring two balls -- all the rest (the fish) use only one skein each.

These are fairly substantial toys -- the Toucan is knit and ends up measuring about 13". The second one shown below is the Blowfish 8", also knit, as is the Minnow (6 1/2"), and the Guppy (only 4 1/2") [that one is not pictured below -- all the others are].

The Kissing Fish is crocheted (11" finished), as well as the Angel Fish (6 1/2") and the Needle Nose Fish (7 1/4").

Tremendous fin to make .