Summer In The City/ Kits in HandPainted Recycled Linen

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Trillium (our photos show 3 skeins; your kit will have four)
Trillium (our photos show 3 skeins; your kit will have four)
Silver Lake
Silver Lake
Light House
Light House
Ilga's original poncho piece.
Ilga's original poncho piece.
Her Capelet.
Her Capelet.

I just might be pushing the seasons a bit, but when I got in this gorgeous new yarn, all linen and handpainted by Lorna Miser, I started the search for "the" perfect pattern to knit it with.  

And I think that with Ilga Leja's Summer in the City I have found it!

Please get your pattern from Ilga's Ravelry web page!  We offer here yarn only.  

The Design

This is such a simple yet striking piece!

A light poncho that will give you just the right amount of cover-up on bright days.

Ilga says,

This gentle poncho is perfect for those cooler days when all you want is a light, but elegant, cover-up.

Easy to work in the round, in an arrangement of Garter Stitch and wrapped stitches, it will drape you with just enough welcome warmth.

In its shorter version, it becomes a shoulder capelet, ready to adorn and shimmer over a simple tank top or summery blouse.

What a neat idea!

This one is rated as easy.

The Yarn and Colorways

There are two versions -- and each is given in three sizes: Extra Small/Small, Medium/Large, Extra Large.

The yarn that we just got in from Trendsetter is called Recycled Linen and that is what it mostly is:  84% recycled linen/ 16% linen, with 150 yards per 50g skein. 

It is truly brand-new, and as I mentioned above, each skein is hand dyed by Lorna Miser.

As a linen yarn, it is a bit stiff to begin with but softens considerably as it is worked and amazingly when washed. 

The Shoulder Capelet size requires 230 ym./252 yds. (325 m./355 yds.; 325 m./355 yds.) while the Full-Size Poncho: 450 m./492 yds. (600 m./656 yds.; 750 m./820 yds.).

Now we are not offering the same yarn as Ilga used in her original pieces.  You can see ours in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  Indeed, the pattern recommends DK or Worsted Weight yarn and this is technically more of a sport weight.  A look  in the Project pages showed quite a few knitters used Louet's sport weight linen yarn.  

Ilga's original piece used a subtle variegated yarn and there were some lovely projects that were knit with more dramatically variegated yarns as well. 

I have no reservations that this will look very fine indeed. 

So each kit here includes simply four skeins of Recycled Linen in your choice of colorway -- that will give you 600 yards, more than was used for any of the other sport weight projects. 

This should be enough for any size of the shoulder capelet and possibly the smaller and medium sizes of the poncho.  And should you wish to make the larger sizes of the full-sized poncho, contact me and we'll work with you for a special kit as long as we have stock. 

1.  Trillium is lovely colors that I see as a song to springtime flowers:  ecru and gray for the last snows of winter, blues and purples for the violets, wisterias, and lilacs against a bright sky. 

2.  Silver Lake is a quiet mix of blues, sage and khaki -- a lake in early spring when the colors ar ejust coming back to the ground and sprouts.  

3.  Light House seems to be to mirror an island in the middle of the ocean, with pale blues of the ocean mingling with white foam, while on the land is taupe, charcoal and ecru.


Remember to get your pattern from Ilga's Ravelry web page!  We offer here yarn only.  


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