Sun Dragons II: Yarn + Beads (for Free Pattern)

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Canopy in Bluestar (with some beads scattered upon the skein)
Canopy in Bluestar (with some beads scattered upon the skein)

These were such fun we had to bring them back!  New kit, same design -- wonderful!


I fell in love with these striking beaded wrist warmers that can be found as a free pattern on Ravelry here. 

So I contacted the designer (Anne Brovold) for  permission to share her photo here and offer kits to make these truly lovely pieces. 

Yarn and Colorways

As all that is needed is a fingering weight yarn plus size 8/0 beads in varying colors -- we thought this would be a marvelous small project to keep interest perhaps in between larger ones.  

Anne knit with a 100% alpaca with 191 yards/ 50g -- our yarn is different.  You can see what we have in the inset photo on the bottom of the top picture and again below that.

From Fibre Company, our kits contain their delicious Canopy Fingering, with 200 yards (183m) per 50g skein made up of 50% alpaca + 30% wool + 20% viscose.  It really feels marvelous!

Anne writes, "The gauge is not that important. More important is that 112 rows garter stitch should fit your wrist. Make a garter stitch swatch and measure."

You can see the yarns we have for this kit in the inset photo on the upper right-hand corner of the top photo and again below that. 


Bluestars is an almost-solid in very subtle variations of blue, navy with some variations of tone, all within the true-blue spectrum.  



This wrist warmer design has you pre-thread the beads onto the yarn.  Anne used a thin  sewing needle; we will include a dental floss threader with your kit to make it even easier.  

The beads can be one color or two. As I think it looks far better with two colors (as you see in this photo), that is how we are putting together this kit.  

To make the design with two colors as shown in this photo here, you must thread them onto the yarn in the reverse order that is given in the chart that comes with the pattern. 

The original ones used in the deep blue background yarn were 432 dark golden beads and 188 green ones.  

We will give you 8/0 beads in colors selected to look good with (and stand out on) the yarn we offer, most likely as close to the original look as we can come.

Take a look at what others have knit on the Project Page here.  If you have a preference for bead colors, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

And, as we always try to, we will give you extra beads of both colors, just in case you'd like to make your imagination fly too!