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One kit will include all of these.
One kit will include all of these.
Close-up of the yarns.
Close-up of the yarns.
Natalia's original
Natalia's original

This is a new design by Natalia Moreva, a designer who definitely thinks outside-the-box. 

Please be sure to get your pattern directly from Natalia on her website. What we have put together are yarns to knit this with.


The Design

How Natalia describes this:

The Swirl uses the combination of mosaic knitting and decreases&increases that allows to knit those wonderfully rounded lines. I think I really pioneered that technique. Just like all mosaic patterns, this one is quite simple. But because there's something else added to it, you need to be paying attention. The most important thing when knitting those type of patterns is to remember where the wrong and right sides of your knitting are, and to keep all yarnfloats on the wrong side. I am no kidding. If you can do that, then you can knit it. Definitely much easier than brioche; some people asked about it.

Yarn and Colorways

Our yarns are not the same as those Natalia used for her original.  You can see our kit in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that.

Natalia suggests a light sport or heavy fingering yarn in two contrasting colors and at least 150g of each colorway in order to make a long scarf of about 60 inches long and three repeats wide (that would be about 7 1/2").  

The yarn we offer is a new one from Kelbourne Woolens called Camper.  This is a 100% wool which is 2ply heathered and has 200 yards / 50 gram skein.

We chose two colorways that are somewhat similar to what Natalia used in her original.

1.  Plum Heather is a dark plum consisting of one ply of somewhat red-violet wound with one of blue-violet. (The third photo on this page is a close-up which shows this rather well.)

2.  Sunflower Heather is a vibrant goldenrod color. 

Each kit will include 3 skeins each of these two colorways = 6 skeins of yarn or about 600 yards x 2 = 1200 yards.



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