Tante/ Beaded Kits/ Choice of 3 Findley Colorways

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This shawl and the others on this page was knit by Kristi and the photo shown with her permission.
This shawl and the others on this page was knit by Kristi and the photo shown with her permission.
Don't the beads look great?
Don't the beads look great?

What a stunning piece!

By Kristi Holaas, this shawl is called Tante.  I quote her here about the design: 

My Tante Aase was a loving, generous and talented woman. 
She was and still is an inspiration and role model for me. 
Now she is my guiding star ♥

TANTE is knit top down into a large crescent shaped shawl. The wings are long enough to tie in front. 
Some interesting pass over stitches create the wavy beaded shape that flows into a beautiful scalloped edging. 
Beads are always optional……my moto is who doesn’t need a little bling in their lives?!

Charts only. Three size options, Small, Medium and Large using lace, light fingering or fingering weight yarns. 
There are two bind off options as well, beaded crochet and a beaded picot bind off….. I love options! My choice is the beaded crochet bind off because it really shows off those scallops!!

The Yarn and Colorways

Kristi lists these as materials needed: Lace, light fingering or fingering weight yarn: 650, 750-800, 850-1000 yards.

We do not offer the same yarn as what Krisit used in her original piece.  We show our yarn in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  The other photos, of Kristi's original shawl, are shown so you can see the design.  

Our kits will include one ball each of Findley, the 50/50 extrafine merino/ mulberry silk blend  lace weight yarn from Juniper Farm.  That gives you 798 yards/ 100 grams, enough to knit the Medium (which btw, measures 72” x 24”).

If you would like an extra ball to make the larger size, just contact us and as long as we have it, we will set you up with an expanded kit. 

For your colorway, you might choose: 

1. Midnight: a deep and rich black, pure and dramatic.

2. Dove: a delicate gray, with just a suggestion of lilac to it.

3. Renaissance:  rich, as its name implies, a red-violet that has a velvety depth to it.

The Beads

You will need between 1200-1700 8/0 seed beads which will be added using a thin 1.0-1.15mm crochet hook for beading or a beading needle.  The beads are included in the kit (not the crochet hook or beading needles though we do carry them and if you want help finding them, just email me).  

The beads might contrast with your yarn or blend more by mirroring the yarn color.  If you have a preference, let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

The Pattern

The pattern is charted.  

Please note that the kit will not automatically include the pattern.

Many knitters prefer to get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Kristi via her Ravelry web page. In that case, set the Pattern drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed."  And this will put your pattern in your Ravelry library and ensure you will be notified of any changes or updates. 

Alternatively, if you would like a printed copy, please make sure the drop-down menu is set to that.

We also can email the pattern to you via email (just be aware that it is not automatic; I have to manually send it to you and generally do that right before shipping your kit).