Technicolor Dream Sweater Set/ Crochet pattern by Ellene Warren

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A great little set to crochet for the little lovelies in your life!

Options include beads, which are crocheted in as you go, and/or silk ribbons, which are woven through the chain spaces after you are finished. Very simple construction, the materials do all the work of creating trememdous pizazz!

Sizes: S/Newborn (5-10 pounds), M/6 months (11-18 pounds), L/12 months (19-24 pounds)

If you would like to add beads, figure on about 3 or 4 (depending on size made) of our containers of size 6/0 beads. Feel free to email me for color suggestions.

Yarn Requirements: 525 (525, 700) yards fingering weight yarn. Just choose what appeals and you'll have a blast!

You'll need crochet hooks, sizes C2/2.75mm and US E4/3.25mm

If you click on the photo to the right, you will see the design as done without the addition of the optional ribbons.


This is really a special item. I can see this one being treasured and passed down for many generations to come.

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