Tenta Cowl Pattern/ by Lily Go

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We can now offer this pattern as either a downloadable PDF version or as a hard copy printed out and mailed to you -- your choice.  

The printed copy is more expensive as it is set to allow for printing costs and shipping fees. 


Oh my yes.

Lily Go's gorgeous Tenta Cowl pattern. With its low yardage requirements and stunning look, this is a perfect piece to try out delicious luxury yarns.

Here is how Lily describes this piece, which started out as a great MKAL:

Tenta Cowl is a stunning cowl with a bold textural lace pattern. Knit in 100% Cashmere yarn, this cowl is a pleasure to knit and cozy to wear...

Pattern includes charts and row by row written directions. If you would like to add beads to your cowl, instructions are included as to where to place the beads.

Well, Lily wrote this beauty so it could be knit in a fingering weight or a DK weight yarn, and her original (photos of this are the ones you see on this web page) was knit in 100% cashmere DK weight yarn.

All that is needed is between145 - 207 yards (133 - 189 m).

The beads needed are size 6/0, up to 224 depending on what size cowl you choose to make. Lily used brightly contrasting Silver Lined Crystal beads in hers.

The pattern on this web page is set up to be sent to you as a PDF. Or if you would like a printed copy, please make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that. The extra cost is to cover shipping as well. 

I am delighted and think you will be too.


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