The Astronomer's Mitts (and others)/ Kit

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Kit B
Kit B
Sabine's Astronomer's Mitts
Sabine's Astronomer's Mitts
Her Novelist's Mitts
Her Novelist's Mitts
The Naturalist's Mitts
The Naturalist's Mitts

One kit left!


You may have heard me mention before how, as the mother of three sons, I am constantly on the lookout for knits that would keep my interest and that my sons would wear (and my husband too, of course). 

And I am currently in a personal love affair with knitting brioche. 

So when I find a design which combines the two, well heck, what can I say? 

The Astronomer's MItts by  Sabine Kastner put me over the moon (pun definitely intended)!  :-)

The way to get The Astronomer's Mitts pattern is via Sabine's Ravelry page. This puts a copy in your Ravelry library and ensures you get any updates right away.  What we offer here is yarn to make these oh-so-lovely-and-useful-too mitts. 

These Atronomer's Mitts are great first brioche projects.  

Sabine also has two other mitt patterns that are a bit more complex for those who have done basic brioche and want to stretch their wings somewhat. 

The kits we offer here will also work for her patterns called The Novelist's Mitts as well as The Naturalist's Mitts


The Design

Here is what Sabine writes about The Astronomer's Mitts:

The name of these mitts is inspired by Caroline Herschel, born in 1750. Starting out as a mere secretary to her famous brother William, she gradually became a recognised astronomer in her own right. She was also the first woman to actually receive a salary for scientific research. 
Whether you discover comets like Caroline Herschel or just take an evening stroll to gaze at the stars: fingerless gloves like these will keep your hands warm while allowing your fingers freedom of movement.

The Astronomer’s Mitts are worked mainly in two-colour brioche ribbing - a small project that appeals to newer brioche knitters as well as those with more experience who look for a quick accessory.

The mitts can be customised for various sizes and styles: plain, colourful, unisex, classy, girly, for kids - everything is possible.

And for those who haven't tried Brioche yet, fear not!  She also writes: 

The mitts are worked in a combination of two-colour brioche ribbing and garter stitch; every round is first worked in the main colour and then in the contrasting colour (only one colour at a time). 
All shaping is done with kfb increases in garter stitch. 
Photo tutorials are included for cast-on and bind-off techniques.

The Yarn and Colorways

We are not offering kits using the same yarns that Sabine used in her originals.  You can see what we have in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that. 

What is needed is two colors that have a strong contrast.  Total yardage needed for all three sizes range 120 - 252 yards (110 - 230 m).  


Kit A is no longer available.  Sorry.


Kit B might not be a color combo my sons would go for, to be honest, but I love it.  It is composed of one skein of Staccato in Imperial (a rich red-violet) and one skein of KPPPM from Koigu (100% merino with 175 yard/ 50g) in a Fireworks colorway (#374) with shots of gray, orange, rose,and turquoise on a black background. 


Kit C has also sold out, alas.


So choose your pattern fromSabine's Ravelry pages and choose your kit from this one --- and have a wonderful wonderful time!


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