The Cowl Never Bothered Me Anyway/ Beaded Kits

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Magic Carpet
Magic Carpet
Angel Falls
Angel Falls
Lily's original cowl
Lily's original cowl

This is a real smile-maker!

Warm and bright and happy -- perfect foil for the worst winter can throw at us!

By Lily Go, this is a striking design, full of wonderful stitch work and with the extra bling of beads. 

The best way to get this pattern is via Lily's Ravelry pageThis puts a copy in your Ravelry library and ensures you get any updates right away.


The Cowl Never Bothered Me Anyway is (to quote Lily), a stunning cowl with a bold textural lace pattern and looks amazing with gradient colored yarn sprinkled with beads.

This cowl is worked in the round on a circular needle and requires no seaming or grafting. You can choose to knit with or without beads.

Perfect gift for your love one or you can keep it for yourself. 

Pattern includes charts and row by row written directions.

If you would like to add beads to your cowl, instructions are included as to where to place the beads.

The Yarn and Colorways

We do not have the same yarn that Lily used for her original piece.  What we have for this delicious cowl is from Universal Yarns, their Poems Silk, with 75% wool/ 25% silk and 109 yards/ 100m.  

You will need between 205 and 275 yards for this cowl depending on the size you decide to make.  Each kit will include two skeins; this will give you enough for the small and the medium size. 

If you would like a third one, contact us and we'll work with you to set up the kit as you'd like, as long as we have stock. 

Poems Silk has long color runs, though it will likely cycle through more than once for this piece. 

We brought in three colorways, selected to drive back winter's bleakness. 

Magic Carpet is bright and glorious colors; rose and purple and strawberry and purple along with a touch of straw.  

Angel Falls is rich purples moving into blues and teals.  

(Baffin Island is no longer available for this kit.)

The Beads

Beads are optional.  Lily allows for between 252 and 336 size 6/0 beads, again depending on the size one makes. 

We will include about 25 grams which will give you about 300 beads, enough for the small and the medium sizes.  If you want more, again please contact us

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

The Pattern

This kit does not automatically include the pattern. The kit is for the yarn plus beads, with a few options for getting the pattern. 

We recommend that the best way to get this pattern is via Lily's Raverly page. This puts a copy in your Ravelry library and ensures you get any updates right away.  

However, should that not work for you for any reason, I can print out a hard copy for you or alternatively, I can email it directly. Just contact us and we will set that up for you.