The EarthFaire WonderBag/ Lace Weight

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We again have a few extra skeins of lace weight yarn and so can offer these wonderful surprises! 

These are the lace weight version of our Wonder Boxes, great mystery collections of yarn and beads, perfect for your next project or just to fondle and save for your next glorious inspiration.

The Wonder Bag/ Lace Weight will include at least 100 grams of lace weight yarn plus an approximately 35 gram container of beads of the 8/0 size or equivalent (that gives you close to 1,400 beads) selected to work with the yarn. (And just to clarify, 100 grams of lace weight yarn generally gives you between 600 and 1200 yards of yarn total, depending on the yarn itself and its fiber content.)

The colors and yarns will be chosen by us here at Earth Faire -- the photo you see here is simply a collage of random skeins and beads -- though if you wish you can specify "Cool" colors or "Warm" via the Choose drop-down menu. Or leave it totally up to us, by selecting "Whatever!".

If the yarn requires two or more skeins to make up the 100 grams they will either be the same yarn of the same colorway or skeins chosen to work well with each other.

The yarn will be high quality, very likely one that we have offered in the past in our kits. The beads will be either Miyuki or Toho, again the highest quality beads worldwide.


Your kit might also include one or more special surprises -- perhaps some delicious tea we found; perhaps a few intriguing daggers or fire polish crystals; maybe a notion or two.

We reserve the right to take this wherever our whimsy leads!

This is a trial run -- just trying this out, in limited quantities to see how you like. I'd love to hear feedback.

A fun gift for yourself or a friend!

P.S. We also have some marvelous Wonder Bags in Fingering Weight! Click on this link and have fun!


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