On The Spice Market?/ New Kits in TUS Sets

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Van Gogh's Sunflowers + Ash
Van Gogh's Sunflowers + Ash
Big Sur Twilight + Lichen
Big Sur Twilight + Lichen
The original shawls
The original shawls
And here is True Colors, just in case this is the one that sings to you.
And here is True Colors, just in case this is the one that sings to you.

 We brought in these yarn sets purposely to offer them for the most lovely design by Melanie Berg, On The Spice Market.  We had put together kits in the past and really it is a lovely pattern. 

Then I realized recently that this same set of yarns would also work beautifully for her True Colors pattern.  No, there aren't 10 small skeinettes to use as in the original kit for that one.  But there is enough yarn altogether and if you look at the Project Pages you will see a number of gorgeous shawls that use a set of 6 gradiently dyed colors (as in this kit) and simply repeat a few of them.  The results I think are spectacular.  

Hence the question mark in the title of this web page -- you could use these lovely sets for either.  Or maybe another shawl altogether.  There are so many beautiful options and these yarns are spectacular.


Please get the Spice Market pattern directly from Melanie via her Ravelry web page. Or here for True Colors, if you decide on that one.  This will place the pattern in your Ravelry library and you will automatically get any updates. 


The Design

Here is how Melanie describes On the Spice Market

Are you searching the souk for treasures?

You’ll find one in On the Spice Market, an asymmetrical triangle shawl featuring a zesty mixture of textures, slipped stitches, and short rows.

Its generous size lets you style it a variety of ways—however you do, you’re sure to get compliments!

The garter stitch stripes and contrast slipped stitch rows are perfect for showcasing a gradient of colors...

The Yarn

The yarn we have for our kits is not the same as what Melanie knit with for her original piece.  We show our kits in the inset photos on the top picture and again right below that.  The other photos are of Melanie's piece and shown with her permission; you can get a good idea of the design from these and use your imagination for the rest.

The yarn in these kits are TUS's Verve, a light fingering of 100% superwash merino. 

Each kit consists of two parts:  

There is a Gradiance set of yarns, made up of 6 skeinettes of 132 yards each (totaling 792 yards) and dyed in one of our signature colorways (more about that below). Then there is also a skein in a slightly contrasting color, a 400 yard amount, to act as the background color.  So you will have well more yarn than you will need to make this beauty. 

The Colorways

Normally the Gradiance colorways change gradually from one skein into the next.  For these kits, Kelly "deconstructed" the colorways so that they give the same overall feel while each of the smaller skeins is a solid color. 

We chose both of the colorways you see here to duplicate to some degree the look that Melanie got with her original piece.

1. Van Gogh's Sunflowers + Ash:  Van Gogh's Sunflowers is a glorious transition starting from a golden yellow (a true sunflower color) and with a gradual deepening and addition of greens, moving into flaxen into dijon into sage.  

The contrast color is a new one from Kelly, a wonderful dark neutral, a deep taupe she is calling Ash.   It is  not-quite-grey-nor-brown and it works beautifully with the Van Gogh colors. 

2.  Big Sur Twilight + Lichen:  Big Sur Twilight is a colorway that was developed from a photo my son took in Big Sur (Kelly tells me it is one of her favorites).  It runs from a hazelnut to a grey to a cornflower to a lilac to a sky blue. 

For the contrast color, we went with something that emphasizes the cooler side of the colorway, a new color:  dark Lichen.  Lichens are composite organisms in which algae and fungus live together in harmony.  The best I can describe this hue is that it is of an ocean color with a bit of stone mixed in, if that makes any sense at all.  

The Pattern

Reminder: the kit will not automatically include the pattern.

Get  the pattern from Melanie via her Ravelry web page.