Thirteenth Moon/ Harvest Moon: In Stock Kits

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Here is Harvest Moon.  If you look closely you might be able to see the subtle golden threads.
Here is Harvest Moon. If you look closely you might be able to see the subtle golden threads.
Blue Moon
Blue Moon
Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon
Blue Moon
Blue Moon
Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon

We have a few gorgeous sets of yarn in stock and ready to ship in the Harvest Moon colorway!

And btw, we have an on-going informal KAL at the Earth Faire Ravelry forum.  Do drop by and join us!


This is a glorious piece, quite unique and really lovely.  

The Design

Here is how Merike describes this piece:

Radiating Rectangular Shawl, worked in the round, designed for The Unique Sheep 6– or 12-color Gradiant Shawl sets. Blocked and relaxed shawl approximately 36”x52”; with end corners tied together (or stitched), a lovely cocoon.

What’s the 13th moon? Although our modern calendar year is divided into 12 months (the word “months” is derived from “moon”), there are actually 13 moons every 2 or 3 years. Lu-nar calendars are based on this fact and an-cient cultures worked their calendars around this natural occurrence. For more fascinating information about this, check Wikipedia!

While many of my shawl designs are based on my heritage of Estonian knitting, the 13th moon phenomena inspired me to design a shawl that ‘doesn’t fit’ into standard shawl categories. A circular shawl is knit in the round. A square shawl can be knit either in the round or flat, depending on the design. A rectangular shawl, however, is knit from one end to the other with, perhaps, a knit on lace edging knit in the round. At first glance, this shawl does have Estonian lace characteristics such as an over-all central stitch pattern, bordered by a “transition” pattern, then ending with a lace edging pattern. However, while I did base my stitch patterns on existing Esto-nian lace stitch patterns, I did my own tweak-ing of them AND using a Gradiance yarn set will provide you the experience of the dra-matic finale of finding a beautiful radiating colors rectangular shawl after binding it off your circular needles!


This is really a beautiful piece!



The yarn is a newcomer to The Unique Sheep.  In fact, I believe this is the only place where you can get it right now. 

Fiber-wise the yarn is 75% superwash Merino, 20% nylon, 5% Stellina.  The merino is springy and delicious, the nylon adds strength.  

And the Stellina?  Ah!

Stellina is a non-metal fiber. You will have either a silver-toned fiber or a goldtone version, depending on which colorway you choose (more on that below).  These shiny fibers mirror the 2 plies in a perfect twist.

So you will have a lovely sparkle to your knitted fabric, which stands elegantly against the dyed colorways, without looking garish or overwhelming the whole. 

Each kit consists of 12 mini-skeins dyed in one of the colorways, for a total yardage of about 1,314 yards of lovely fingering weight yarn. 



We have in stock two beautiful new colorways developed by Kelly especially for this shawl.

Once In A Blue Moon (or Blue Moon for short) is the cooler version, and has the silvertone Stellina in the yarn.  It ranges from a striking and rich purple and blue into a plum and softer lighter tones of aqua and then circles around to the purples and blues again. 

And you know, a blue moon happens when there are 13 moons in a year so two full moons in a month.  So it is a perfect name.  :-) (Sorry, no longer in stock)

Harvest Moon is a warmer colorway and has the goldtone Stellina as part of it. Here you have blue-violets and eggplant going into more plummy tone and then additonal warmth of gold and greens moving back into aquas and eggplants.  


And btw, you can start your knitting at any of the skeins, anyplace in the colorway.  Which is pretty wonderful, yes? 


No Beads

Alas, I know this is unusual for us.  But we really decided that with the Stellina, the beads would be "gilding the lily".  



The pattern is not automatically part of the kit.  When the time comes that the first kits are ready for shipping, you can get the pattern on this Ravelry page. This will give you a copy in your Ravelry library. In this case, set the drop-down menu above to "No Pattern Needed."

If you would prefer a printed copy or a PDF via email, please select that option via the "Pattern" drop-down menu. The PDF file will be emailed right before your kit is shipped.


Please note that there are two drop-down menus to be set before you check out. The "Color" one is for the colorway of your shawl.  And the "Pattern" one is for the form that you would like your pattern to come in.  

This is a wondrous fun piece!