Three Petal Flower - 10/12mm - Fuschia-Lemon

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The importing company we deal with for the fancy pressed glass Czech beads sent us a sample of these.

And I fell in love.

Now bear in mind that these do not particularly lend themselves to being strung on thread and knit or crocheted along with other beads. Those of you who are into other types of beading might enjoy using head pins with these to attach them to ear wires or the like.

For the rest of us --

What I did was I put a few 8/0 beads on a thread and then led the thread through the flower and then went through a drop bead (one of the 3.4mm ones) and then back down the flower again and once more through the 8/0 beads. ( All with a dental floss threader.) And I simply love how it looks.

The colorway here is Fuschia-Lemon (the same combination we also just got in in the new Lentil shape). It is a vibrant and rich swirling mixture of the two hues. And quite amazingly gorgeous.

We are packaging these up with only nine flowers per packet. That should give you enough to decorate one or two bracelets or make a few pair of earrings or use them however your imagination takes you.