Three Quarter Time: Beaded Kits in TUS Gradiance Sets

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Mary's original beaded shawl, knit in a different colorway and different lace weight yarn.
Mary's original beaded shawl, knit in a different colorway and different lace weight yarn.
This beaded one by Cindersall (Ravelry name) -- again a different colorway.
This beaded one by Cindersall (Ravelry name) -- again a different colorway.


This is an idea that has been tossed around for quite a while.  And finally it has come to fruition.

Kelly (of The Unique Sheep) and I would hereby like to offer special kits for knitting the beaded version of Mary White's gorgeous Three Quarter Time shawl pattern.

This first offering will be limited to the first 30 orders.  

Read on for details. 


This is what we call a pre-order.

The yarn for your kit will be specially dyed to your specifications and thus will take a bit of time to be ready. 

You can expect that the kits will start shipping in roughly 4 to 6 weeks.

(You can find our policy here on shipping and pre-orders.)


The Design

Here is how Mary describes this shawl:

Blossoms and leaves waltz together in this crescent shaped shawl pattern featuring the Estonian Blossom Stitch and a pleasing balance of lace with bead accents exclusive to

Beginning with a provisional cast on and knitted top down, three sets of leaf clusters with beaded tips are introduced to the first spray of blossoms. As the dance continues, side, center and overall increases and decreases lead on the right side followed with a purl return row, providing both excellent drape and radial symmetry. Repeating sets of beaded leaves and triple blossoms enhance the outer edge on the full style shawl for which the pattern was written.

Instructions for an alternate leaf edging with an I-cord bind off are included.

Suitable for any occasion, the pattern is size adjustable in four sizes from small to extra large.

The final row of the Blossom Edge shawl is knitted with a simple, stretch bind off method and blocking of the finished project is easy with moderate stretching.

Instructions are given in both written and chart form with details on bead placement, abbreviations and knitting the pattern to completion. Knowledge of lace increases and decreases is required to knit this pattern.


Note that the yarn we are offering is not the same as what Mary used in her original.  We show her original shawls so you can get a good idea of the design itself. 

Mary suggests a lace weight yarn and gives direction for four sizes, as follows:

Small- Approx. 600 yards light lace weight. 
Medium- Approx. 900 yards light lace weight
Large- Approx. 1250 yards light lace weight
X-Large- Approx. 1600 yards light lace weight

All sizes start the same and the knitter can choose to continue or to end off at various points of the pattern.  To give you an idea, the original Medium size, per the pattern, has a 56" wingspan, 28" depth after blocking and relaxed and the Small size has a wingspan 45" and 25" depth after blocking and relaxed. Your size will likely vary as the yarn is somewhat different.  


This yarn is a special order via The Unique Sheep (TUS), a Linen/Silk blend of 65% silk + 35% linen. It is considered a lace weight yarn and normally has roughly between 875 - 900 yards per 100 grams.

The yarn has a lovely shine to it from the silk as well as some slubs and texture from the linen.  It blocks well, holds its shape well --- and we love how it takes the dyes -- it is a somewhat more muted look than many other yarns, with pearl-ized soft and ethereal colors.

Each kit will include the number of smaller skeins that you choose.  Kelly has set it up so that each skein-ette of the kit will have 235 yards.  Thus you can choose how many skeins to get to make the size shawl that you wish to.


In other words, if you wish to make the small size, you will need 3 skeins (and that is the "default" cost you see on this web page). 

Alternatively, if you wish to make the medium, you will need a 4-skein set (and you will see the price increase via the drop-down menu). 

Similarly the large will need 6 skeins and the extra large will need seven. 



Kelly took the colorway that we created for Nim Teasdale's Iridescence shawl and re-dyed it in this Linen/Silk blend.  Named Arcenciels, this is a "circle" of colors that can be started at any point that appeals.

Take a look at the circle in the second photo on this page.  We put a clock in the middle for ease of referring to the points of the circle.  

So besides deciding on how many skeins you want in your kit, you must also decide what point in the circle to begin your colorway.

Your kit will start at that "o'clock" plus the consecutive "times" to make up the size you wish to knit with. 

As an example, if you choose the 10:00 point in the circle and the four-skein set, your colorway will consist of 10, 11, 12, and 1.   Similarly if you decide you want an extra large (7 skein set) starting at the noon (12:00) point, you will get a set consisting of the skeins you see at 12, 1, 2, 3,4, 5 and 6. 

Make sense? (If you feel a bit confused, contact me and we'll sort it out.)


Yes, this design was re-written especially for EarthFaire to include beads!

Using size 8/0 beads, these are all added using the crochet hook method.  

There are roughly 40 size 6/0 beads per gram. 

Mary lists the needed beads as follows:  Small (11-12g), Medium (16-17g), Large (21-22g), XLarge (28-29g)

Our kits will give you more than you need to allow for any spillage.  

I generally like to choose a bead that mirrors to some degree the colors in the yarn.  If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you.

The Pattern

The beaded version of the pattern is only available through us here at EarthFaire.

Nevertheless, we have put a "No Pattern Needed" option on the drop-down menu just in case (a) you already have the pattern or (b) you decide you love the yarn but would rather knit (or crochet) something else with it. 

There is also a non-beaded version available on Ravelry here

If you want this pattern from us, complete with bead placement, you can choose to get it emailed to you via a PDF.  I will send this off to you when you kit is ready. 

Or alternatively, I can print out the pattern (12 pages) and send it to you with your kit.