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Another beauty from Ursa Major KnitsTiffany Epiphany is a wonderful place on the curves and natural lines of Art Nouveau.  

And we brought in the exact yarn and the exact colorways so you can duplicate the shawl as you see it here on this webpage and on this Ravelry page!


The kit does not automatically come with the pattern.  We have pattern options described towards the bottom of this web page. 


The Design

Here is what Chrissie (the designer) writes:

There is something enchanting and enduring about Art Nouveau. The vibrant and confident colors, the soft shapes and curved lines, the natural forms and structures, so beautifully captured by designers like Tiffany.

This shawl celebrates this wonderful period of design, and while its inspiration may be found in the past, its timeless elegance and style will help you look great in the here and now!

...All instructions are written and charted, enriched with ample photo tutorials on the techniques of shaping and joining the modules. This makes Tiffany Epiphany a feasible project for most knitters.

Happy knitting, 
Ursa Major

The Yarn and Colorways

We brought in two colorways of Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball, the ones that Chrissie used to make the lovely piece you see here.  Each is 75% wool/ 25% nylon, with 459 yards (420m) per 100 gram ball.  

Oktoberfest is a rich blend of reds and oranges, golds and magentas. One ball will have all the yarn you'll need and then some.

Herbstzeitlose is another vibrant colorway, this time with navy and wine, teal and purple.  Two balls will give you more than you need. 

So each kit will consist of two balls of Herstzeitlose and one of Oktoberfest. 

The Pattern 

All instructions are provided in written and charted form. 

Note however that the pattern is not automatically part of this kit.

We strongly suggest you get your pattern via the Ursa Major Ravelry page. For this, choose "No Pattern Needed" on the drop-down menu labelled "Pattern". This will ensure you get any needed updates as soon as they are released.

However if you prefer we can also print out the pattern for you -- all 18 pages -- and send it on with the kit.

Alternatively we can also email the pattern to you.

These choices are offered via the drop-down menu above. 


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