Tiffany/ Kits with Amitola and Noro Silk Garden Sock Solo

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The remaining photos show Simone's original scarves.
The remaining photos show Simone's original scarves.

Such a lovely design by Simone of  Wollwerk by Simone Eich, Tiffany is a great way to add a splash of color to your days!

A simple design to knit, this is a great travel piece as well as perfect for TV watching and socializing.


Note that you must get the pattern directly from Simone via her Ravelry web page. This web page offers the yarn for this kit. 


What is needed is two different yarns and colors.  Simone suggests that  Color A, which acts as the frame for the whole should be a solid thicker one (perhaps sport weight).  The original scarf used on 43g of this color. 

Color B, which gives the colors for the “filling” should be a semi solid, a self-striping or a color gradient yarn (fingering weight).   In the original Simone knit, she only used 38 grams

Simone adds:  This pattern is based on a multiple of 10sts and knitted top-down. This fact makes it very easy for you to choose your own right size!


Our Kit is made up of yarns and colors quite different than what Simone used for her pieces.  You can see ours in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that:  

Color A is Amitola (80% wool/ 20% silk with 273 yards/ 50g ball) from Louisa Harding with long color runs, in the colorway called Amelia.  Amelia includes blues and violets and greens in a most pleasing way. 

Color B will be Noro's Silk Garden Sock Solo, 40% wool/ 25% silk/ 25% nylon/ 10% mohair.  This softens up significantly after washing.  With about 330 yards per 100 gram skein, this is definitely a heavier yarn. 

We chose the colorway Purple Rain which is a tweeded purple with subtle tonal variations.  This looks pleasing with Amelia while not duplicating any of the colors in that colorway, so the outlines will create a distinct frame. 


Each kit will have one ball of each of these yarns.  If you want to make a larger piece (take a look at the Project Pages for ideas) then get two.