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Our kit
Our kit
Kieran's original piece
Kieran's original piece

Absolutely stunning!

Here is how Kieran Foley describes his Tigerlily Brocade:

A beautifully sensuous floral pattern inspired by the warm dappled colorings of tiger lily petals.

Yarns with long color shifts work well with this pattern; the random interplay of gradually changing colors mimics the subtle interplay of gradations in the natural world. 

The pattern combines stranded and lace knitting; the lace rows create strong curves and contrasts of density in the bands of stranded knitting.


Please be sure to get your copy of the pattern directly from Kieran on his Ravelry page hereWe have simply put together some yarns to work for this beauty. 


Yarn and Colorways

We did not put the exact yarns that the designer used for his original piece in our kit.  You can see our yarn in the upper righthand corner of the top photo on this page. 

Kieran used Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball® for one of his yarns and we have gone with that idea for this kit.   If you look at his notes in the pattern, you see that he used two yarns, both with looooong color runs, one with deep and cool colors and the other bright and warm. 


This kit will consist of: 

One skein of Zauberball 100, 100% virgin wool with 437 yards (400m)/ 100g.  The colorway is Fliederduft, a wonderful cool blned of varying blues and purples with quite long color runs.  

Two skeins of Katia Darling, a 60% virgin wool/ 40% nylon blend with 208 yards(190m)/ 50g, also with long color runs.  This is colorway #209, a fiery combo of hues including rich and vibrant orange, red, and black.  


Note that this will give you just a bit less than the yardage that Kieran recommends on his Ravelry page.  He lists on his pattern page 900 - 1200 yards (823 - 1097 m).  This kit gives you 853 yards.  You can see on the Project Pages that many knitters used this amount or even less.  However, if you would like an extra skein of either of these, please contact me and we'll see what we can work out.