Tilia/ Beaded Shawl Pattern from Fiber Dreams/ Bead Option

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A beautiful new design from Laura Patterson of Fiber Dreams.

This striking design is named for the leaves and flowers of trees in the Tilia genus, commonly referred to as linden, lime (not to be confused with the citrus), and basswood. I am especially fond of Linden trees myself, there being a huge one right outside the home where I grew up.

The shawl is knit from the border up to the top edge. All of the decreases that are worked on all right-side rows shape the garment into a triangle as it is knit. To finish, 10 stitches are grafted together; no stitches are bound off.

The nupps were added for texture, and the delight in making them. They can be omitted or replaced with beads (instructions included), if desired. Laura counted for us -- there are 834 beads /nupps needed. What is recommended is to use 8/0 beads and add them with the crochet hook method. So that is roughly 22 grams of beads -- would make for a stunning piece.

The shawl uses 800 yards of lace weight yarn, and makes a finished size of 66 1/2" x 36 1/2" (169 x 93 cm) if gauge is gotten.

Laura rates the knitting difficulty as Intermediate. But be aware that the pattern directions are mainly via charts.

And as a special gift to you, anyone purchasing enough of the lace weight yarn to make this will receive from us enough beads to do the shawl with.

If you need one of the very thin crochet hooks, we carry them on our Hooks & Needles web section.

This is heirloom quality -- lovely.