Tips and Tricks: Bead Soup Bracelets


There you are, stringing beads for one of the Bead Soup or Bead Stew bracelets, and trying hard to thread them on randomly. Then you start to knit and discover to your dismay that somehow colors or shapes or sizes are lining up in a very un-random fashion and it just looks wrong.

What to do?

I have heard stories about knitters taking out the whole thing and starting again and I want to tell you there is usually no need.

It is fine to skip beading a stitch -- that might rearrange the order of the beads enough to break it up well.

It is also fine to double-up a bead on a stitch, especially if they are small beads.

Take a look at what you have and where you wish the beads to lie. Essentially you want to break up the repeats and take control over the look.

These "fixes" will not be noticeable on the final bracelet and might be all you need to get back to a good rhythm and a pleasing randomness.